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Short notice birthday celebration?

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Madsometimes Wed 22-Jul-09 13:13:15

dd2's birthday party was a non-event because of a swine flu panic. I booked it after school last week, but so many children were sent home sick from school that day, that when I collected dd2 there were only 10 out of 30 children remaining in class. Then the remaining ones fell sick in the early afternoon, so no-one came. All of the dc had fevers but not with cough and headache, so it must have been a very contagious summer bug and not SF. The party was at a play centre and shared with other children from another school so thankfully I was not left with mountains of food.

I was thinking of doing a small (8 children) birthday tea on her actual birthday, which is in two days time. I am going to ask friends who very kindly gave her a present anyway to come and join us at home for a slice of birthday cake.

Am I mad to even be considering this?

Madsometimes Wed 22-Jul-09 13:14:53

and what am I going to do with 8 children for 2 hours! She is going to be 6. I hope that the parents stay!

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