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cake stuff - where can I buy ....

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LetThemEatCake Thu 16-Jul-09 20:24:29

pans/ tins to make friands please?

also - blue food colouring???

is there some amazing online baking store I can visit please?

Making a peacock cake for dd's birthday but recipe book is an Aussie one .. having a hard time finding what I need over here.


farfalle Thu 16-Jul-09 20:25:44

Try squires online shop for everything you need. Also cakes cookies and crafts is worth a shot too.

funnypeculiar Thu 16-Jul-09 20:30:08 blue food colouring here (get the pastes - the colours are so much better than liquid food colourings
Can't see tins - but worth giving them a call as they have a lot of stuff that's not on the site.

pigleychez Fri 17-Jul-09 21:29:37

Blue food colouring can be got from Tesco, Sainsburys, Asda etc

theselegswermad Fri 07-Aug-09 05:45:20

I'm going to order from this site
Going to attempt to make a mad science cake !!!

theselegswermad Fri 07-Aug-09 05:47:27

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