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ds age 7 really wants a party WWYD?

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1dilemma Tue 14-Jul-09 15:02:08

my dc age 7 really wants a party, we promised him one then never did it so I'm feeling bad.
it would be a whole class in church hall games tea type thing (with party bags grin)
however his birthday is really November but I am expecting another baby then so probably wont be planning anything huge

however the end of term is Friday and lots of his class are from overseas so I expect/know a number will head off for the whole summer.

have one or promise him a big one later?

is 7 too old for the type of thing I describe do I need to plan something else?

do you think the Tuesday/weekend after term finishes is a daft idea?

help please I need to be able to justify my decision to myself if not to him

AnnieLobeseder Tue 14-Jul-09 15:10:00

Confused as to why you promised him one and then didn't do it.

And why have a November birthday party now? If new baby would make things difficult, why can't he just pick a fun thing to do with a few mates in November?

Very odd.....

shouldbeironing Tue 14-Jul-09 15:15:24

I found this a bit confusing.

Age 7 I would have found it too difficult to have just games/tea in a Hall for a large number (esp boys). You would need a lot of adult help. But that is just my experience.

Better to have some specific organised thing if you can afford it (even if numbers a bit lower).

And if his friends are all going away I am not sure why you would have it just after term finishes when it is not even his birthday then. I know you are pg but couldnt you have something "organised" (i.e. run by someone else) maybe in October - like a football party or even soft play party or something run by the local leisure centre or whatever.

MadameCastafiore Tue 14-Jul-09 15:15:37

Show him a wad of notes (what party would cost or not depending on how flush you are!), tell him he can spend it on toys or something instead of a party as you are due baby and can't cope with stress and most of his friends will be away but you will do party for his next birthday.

1dilemma Tue 14-Jul-09 21:06:32

lol Madame lego lego lego!

to the others sorry it's confusing it's that I promised him a party I suppose he went to a friends recently and now really wants one IYSWIM

there are lots of reasons why we didn't do one do to with moving jobs (both of us) and him not deciding what he wants, then time going by.

I guess I'ma a bit sad that he wont get to have a big load of fun (if 7 is generally too much for a whole class type thing) though his class is small and mainly girls funnily enough

I'm not sure when everyone will head off I'm sure some will be Fiiday evening but was hoping some wouldn't go for a few days/week

Thanks anyway guys I'm now tempted by the lego idea

serinBrightside Thu 16-Jul-09 20:36:49

So long as you get an entertainer in it should be fine. What about a mad scientist or one of those guys who brings spiders/bugs and snakes?

We did a party for DD when DS2 was just a couple of weeks old and DS1 was 15months, just ask a few mums if they will help you on the day.

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