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Don't we have a wedding topic? Anyway, DH has been asked to be BEST MAN and is not sure what the rules are for the speech

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MmeLindt Tue 30-Jun-09 06:00:07

Can anyone help?

I seem to recall that he should thank the bridesmaid, is there anything else he should do?

oliviasmama Tue 30-Jun-09 06:09:56

Buy a best man etiquette guide book, some quite goods ones about but beware of the ones just filled with dross. Waterstones stocked some good ones.

MmeLindt Tue 30-Jun-09 06:40:07

Thanks, Oliviasmama. Will have a look.

bigchris Tue 30-Jun-09 07:03:30

go to
it covers everything
i think the groom does the thankyous, the best man does the laughs
and keep it short!

MmeLindt Tue 30-Jun-09 08:21:59

Thank you BigChris. He just needs to think what to write now.

How long is too long? Should he aim for 10 to 15 mins?

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