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Baby fancy dress- I need your help.

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pigleychez Fri 26-Jun-09 16:12:40

DD is 11mths old and the Playgroup we go to is having a tea party on Tuesday.

Its also a fancy dress competition. At first I thought easy.. I have a fairy outfit she can wear but now I find its Animal themed Fancy dress.

Dont really wanna buy anything as its not as if she will be wearing it alot and will outgrow it pretty quickly so needs to be something homemade. And not something too fussy as she wont wear it and will just tug it apart!

My ideas so far..

Frog-Green shorts and top set she hasand print out the frog mask from the ELC website. Maybe attach it to a hairband as I know she wount wear a mask.

Pig- Pink top and pink trousers (easily done)
make little piggy ears and stick them to her hairband and somekind of tail attached to her trousers.

Anyone have any bright ideas for me?

PortBlacksandResident Fri 26-Jun-09 16:33:17

Oooh i love the idea of a little piggy smile. Other ideas could be a bumble bee (11 month olds are bumble bee shaped) - deely boppers on headband and stripy top with cellophane wings or a spider - black outfit & four stuffed socks sewn on.


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