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Child friendly weddings.

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Thunderduck Thu 25-Jun-09 19:17:03

I posted this on chat, but just remembered this forum and thought I might find some good advice here.

Dp and I are planning to marry early next year and I'm making rough plans for our wedding at the moment.

We decided that we'd either have a child free wedding..ducks, or a very child friendly,but not child centred wedding.

Due to the size of my extended family, whom I'd rather not offend, and dp's adoration of all children we're having a child friendly wedding.

So far we're thinking of hiring a large room for the children, and having movies,games and activities available for them.
I know several people from my childcare days who we could hire to play games and supervise the children.

We're thinking of a children's table for the meal,and having a child friendly menu,again with hired supervision.

And we're going to send separate invites to the children, to make it feel a little more special for them.

Any other tips/advice on things you'd like to be provided for your children at a child friendly wedding would be much appreciated.

rubyslippers Thu 25-Jun-09 19:18:18

party bags - colouring books, mini packs of crayons etc all to keep them amused

sounds like you have it all sorted TBH

LOVE the idea of separate invites

Thunderduck Thu 25-Jun-09 19:38:01

Yes party bags are a must. I'm looking at a site which has rather nice ones which may go down well.

piscesmoon Thu 25-Jun-09 19:41:00

We had a different room and a magician for when the speeches were being done.

Thunderduck Thu 25-Jun-09 19:52:34

A magician sounds like a good idea. We're going to have a kid's room too.

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