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We are having an 'adult' party and I need your help and advice ..........

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DarrellRivers Tue 23-Jun-09 21:07:37

Now that I've got your attention I will confess that although it is a grown-ups only party, I am not really planning a bowl with car-keys in it, or an orgy

We are throwing a party at the end of the summer, and I'm thinking cocktails and canapes.
I was thinking of lots of lanterns and fairy lights in the garden, a smart dress code etc
What would be your winning suggestions for the most fabulous cocktails and nibbles, and any other things that you have done at your party to make it go with bang?

SOLOisMeredithGrey Wed 24-Jun-09 00:16:32

Crackers with...

Make a bowl shaped mould of Philadelphia or similar cream cheese, then pour sweet chilli sause over it. Eat with said crackers or bread sticks etc. Delicious!

DarrellRivers Wed 24-Jun-09 09:10:56

Great suggestion
I have had that at party before and it tasted really good, but is very simple
My type of canape

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