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60th Birthday Ideas

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BroodyChook Wed 17-Jun-09 10:58:35

Hi My MIL is 60 this year, and we'd like to do something special. We don't have much spare cash, so are planning on throwing her a party at her house (MIL is in Dublin, we're in the UK) I've been trying to think of a theme/centre piece to liven things up a bit, but have drawn a blank. She's not the dress up sort, and there won't be a lot of space. It's complicated by the distance, tbh, as everything has to be organised from afar. Any bright ideas?

buktus Wed 17-Jun-09 11:00:42

When my grandad was 70 we did a home party and had a sort of This is your life theme made the book with pictures had little notes of memories off of people much the same as the old tv programme

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