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DD's 6th party - arty/crafty ideas please...

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minko Sun 14-Jun-09 12:30:18

DD loves making stuff and thinks that what she wants to do for her party. How do I go about it though? I'm guessing half a dozen of her friends at home or at a given venue...??

I think if I do it (the crafty activities) myself they might drive me a bit mad though. And I'd have to organise the food too and it would be a quite tough.

Her is end of July so hopefully sunny, but that's obviously not guaranteed.

Ideas gratefully received...

mrsdisorganised Sun 14-Jun-09 12:46:07

Why not get them (or make) some gingerbread men and get them to decorate, if the weather is bad, not too messy! have you a paving slab path? I let my dd's have chalk drawing competitions on the slabs, keeps them busy for a while and easy to wash off. Will think of moresmile
Food is easy! Usual party things, pizza, sausage rolls etc! It'll be as hard as you make it.

twinklytoes Sun 14-Jun-09 23:04:11

have a look through the baker ross website. there's loads of crafty ideas that could double up as party bag gifts.

Sprogstersmum Tue 16-Jun-09 19:15:25

My dd is a bit younger but loves threading beads to make necklaces - for her 4th party in a few weeks we are decorating party bags (felt bags from Baker Ross/plain cotton drawstring bags for the boys) with various stick on gems, stickers etc, the girls are also making necklaces and bracelets( got the beads and elastic thread from hobbycraft and am going to give them their own beads in a plastic cup) and boys are decorating gingerbread men (from Tesco. I'd second having a look at Baker Ross or have you got a pottery painting place near you if you don't want to host?

PhaseAte Tue 16-Jun-09 19:16:26

I did t shirt painting.
do an eg first is my advice

then play games
then have tea

Doodle2u Tue 16-Jun-09 19:19:41


Brilliant and dead quick.

there are arty/crafy party kits you can buy on tinternet as well.

Doodle2u Tue 16-Jun-09 19:23:50

here and and here

minko Tue 16-Jun-09 20:36:44

Ooo, thanks everyone. Liking the necklace and t-shirts idea. Shrinkies also good.

Um, whilst we're on the subject... what party games do 6 year olds play??

mogs0 Sun 21-Jun-09 17:05:46

Ds and his friends painted plates last year for his 6th birthday. I bought kits from Tesco which contained the plate and a set of paints so they all had one each. It was great and they all took them home as their party bag filler!! Also, they made their own pizzas for their tea too!! I put a selection of toppings out so they could choose what they liked and leave what they didn't like. One boy refused to eat his because he didn't like the things he'd put on it!!grin

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