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Knights themed tableware or other non-pirate boys party stuff!

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CandleQueen Sun 07-Jun-09 23:14:05

DS1 is 4 soon and I'm making him a castle cake with knights (at his request).
But I'm having real trouble finding knights/castles plates & cups.
I thought about going "off-theme" but just about every other boys partyware is blardy pirates or tv/film related.
Any suggestions for websites or shops to try?

psychomum5 Sun 07-Jun-09 23:19:06

hows this?

CandleQueen Sun 07-Jun-09 23:25:44

Thanks psychomum5!
I Googled myself silly looking for something like this last night!!

psychomum5 Sun 07-Jun-09 23:29:25

second site I looked on too!

just tyoed in party table clothes uk, and gave me a list of sites, clicked two, first one was crap, second one was this one. just got lucky I guess

CandleQueen Mon 08-Jun-09 00:07:16

Just order £50 worth of stuff!
DS will be delighted!!

psychomum5 Mon 08-Jun-09 08:10:39


hope it goes well.

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