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Christmas Day baby - anyone else got one & what do you do about parties??

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Bean74 Thu 28-May-09 21:53:07


My DD2 was born on Christmas Day last year. Fantastic present & all that (& a suprise as she was 3.5 weeks early) but I feel kind of sad for her that she will never have a birthday day dedicated to her.

I've thought about celebrating on the 25th June as a "half birthday" but my DH says he feels that's taking her true birthday away from her. So then I thought about having a naming party for her then & then celebrate the anniversary of that every year.

Does anyone else have a Christmas child & what the heck do you do to celebrate their birthday & make sure it doesn't get overriden by Christmas??


LynetteScavo Thu 28-May-09 21:56:15

I met a little girl who showed me her "Phoebe Day" present. She explained because her birthday was at Christmas she had a special day in the summer when she had a party and got some presents.

onepieceofcremeegg Thu 28-May-09 21:57:00

Our dd1 was due on Boxing Day but never arrived until early Jan.

Incidentally my mil's b'day is Boxing Day and she is a real cow about it. (but that's another story)

With dd1 we have a summer birthday for her, not a specific date but just around May/June when the forecast is good and there are no other parties that clash etc.

We do celebrate her real birthday with a card and a couple of token presents from us and my parents. She gets presents off dh's family and her friends on the actual day.

The all through the first part of the year when she is looking at summer toys etc we can say truthfully to her that Nanny or we will think about getting x,y or z for her summer birthday.

Could she have a small celebration on Christmas Day, e.g. in the afternoon separate to other Christmas festivities and presents?

herbietea Thu 28-May-09 22:03:27

Message withdrawn

Ponders Thu 28-May-09 22:19:43

My cousin was born on Christmas Day & always had his birthday celebration in the summer - not even 25th June I don't think, twas some random date in August grin

I think it's quite fair to let a Christmas baby have another day they can call their own - whenever will suit you really.

Dysgu Thu 28-May-09 22:55:34

Hmm this is interesting. DD2 was born on Christmas Eve last year (very quickly and 5 weeks early).

I have never done much to celebrate my own birthday (it being the day after my mum's which always seemed to be more important simply as it came first.

however, DD1 was born (again very quickly and 8 weeks early) in September 2006 and I imagine we will DO her birthday as she gets older. DP REALLY enjoys birthdays and niece and nephew - who live locally - have big parties for theirs.

So I have been pondering what to do to make it special for DD2 although have to admit that I was happy that she arrived on the 24th so she does sort of get her own day - even though DP was sad that she missed out on being in the local paper for being a Christmad Day baby.

Seems a bit 'odd' to celebrate her birthday at a different time in the year. Maybe we should set up something to celebrate early in the summer so they both get something a bit different without taking away birthdays.

Will watch the thread with interest.

Bean74 Sun 31-May-09 21:19:42

Thanks all. Have decided to have a celebration party on the 27th June. Just printed the invites & hope it will all go off ok for her. Maybe it can become an annual celebration if all goes well smile

unknownrebelbang Sun 31-May-09 21:25:26

DS3's friend's birthday is Christmas Day, and they've always had a celebration for him on 25th June.

Works well for them (he's 11 now).

Dysgu Sun 31-May-09 21:27:24

Hi - so are you celebrating 6 months before the birthday so that the party this year will be her'first birthday' party?

I am asking this as, as I said, DD2 was born on Christmas Eve and I am unsure what to do about celebrating it. I quite like the idea of having a special day for her in the summer on her 'half birthday' but we also have a few other birthdays in the two weeks around Christmas and I wonder whether they would think I was making too much of a fuss.

Are you calling it a birthday party or not?

Is there a reason why it is not exactly 6 months to the date from her birthday - is the 27th a Saturday?

Sorry for so many questions but I have been mulling this over...

Bean74 Sun 31-May-09 21:32:28


We've said on the invite that this a celebration for the safe arrival of DD2 and an "unofficial half-birthday" party. I've spoken to both our parents to say we'd like it to be like a birthday party & hope people join in. I plan to do a cake & will give her a present but won't do a card.

It's so hard isn't it - i don't want to appear greedy by asking for presents when it's not her birthday but equally don't want her to miss out on anything..

Hulababy Sun 31-May-09 21:38:29

DD's friend has a birthday on Christmas Day. Her family do celebrate her birthday a little on the day itself AFAIK. However her main celebrations and aprtyare done on or around June 25th (as a half birthday). Seems to work well.

thisisyesterday Sun 31-May-09 21:40:24

i used to know a little boy called George who was born on christmas day, they celebrated his birthday on st george's day grin

shinyshilling Mon 01-Jun-09 20:10:09

Our DD2 was born Dec 23rd last year and DD1's birthday is Jan 12th. I would like them to have a summer birthday party type thing so as the two of them don't feel that their birthdays are blurred into Christmas. DH thinks it's not a good idea at all because other people will think it's strange. My brother in law's bday is New Year's Eve and a friends is also 23rd Dec. They both grew up with no birthday cake because it was too close to Christmas. Again, it's not a materialistic thing, you just want your kids to have a fun time like others. I think if you instigated it when they were young (ours are 3 and 5 months) people would adapt?

nicolamumof3 Thu 04-Jun-09 20:11:41

thisisyesterday, i think thats lovely!!

ds2 was born 28th december (3 days early, was hoping he would be late and avoid xmas/new year entirely but heyho!)

This year will be his fourth birthday and his first proper non family party, not sure when to hold it before or after xmas but know that i want it as near his bday as possible.

BakewellTarts Thu 04-Jun-09 20:15:19

I know 2 families where the DD is like the Queen and has 2 birthdays. One on 25/6 and the other on her saints day in August.

I think its a nice idea to have a summer party.

2anddone Sat 06-Jun-09 19:55:33

My friend had her ds on christmas day and they have christmas day in the mornng with presents for all the family and then christmas dinner. Then after dinner they have presents for ds as birthday presents and then party food tea and a birthday cake. She always has a party for him on the last day of term but sends out the invites really early because everyone gets so busy

northernmonkey Sun 07-Jun-09 05:59:55

Hi Bean74 my ds2's bd is christmas day too. (How many times do people mention it when you have to give out their dob hmm)
He will be 3 this year and for the last 2 years he's had no concept of bds iyswim so we've just had christmas in the morning and his bd in the afternoon, however he is getting older and will probably understand bds more this year so we've agreed that we'll have a party at home on christmas day as normal then have a party for his friends on the 25th jan, one month after. this way e has his own special day but its close enough for hm to celebrate it near his bd. Hth

shellez Tue 09-Jun-09 17:36:55

Hi like u my 2nd daughter was born last year on xmas day and i have racked my brain over what to do on this. so many people pushed for a summer party instead and i thought about it and this are my answers:

Why should she not celebrate her birthday on her birthday like everyone else? Why should she get two parties but my eldest only get one? why should be treated any different?

I know it is a shame that it is on xmas day and believe me i was gutted for her but what does it equate to really? what a unique special christmas present and for my other daughter who loved having a sister for christmas. I have refused for her to have a summer birthday as she wont be one feel this is unfair and untrue, i think it is also unfair on my eldest too so i have decided that this year for her 1st birthday we will celebrate it on christmas day this is her 1st birthday and it is special. To be honest what better day could you think off it is the only day of the year where all my family come together as work commitments. so we are having xmas day as xmas day then a 3pm cut off which will then be her birthday, We have made a rule of no presents must be combined as a birthday and xmas present until she is older and all birthday presents are not allowed to be wrapped in xmas paper. we are going to put on a buffet on the night have close family and friends. to be honest christmas nights are always a bit boring anyhow so least we now have something to do. The other thing to consider is that when they will go to school they dont really have there party on there birthday anyhow so we will do last weekend of term for her friends to come. Therefore i cant see why they need a summer party cuz it is very unlikely that you can go christmas day and ignore there birthday anyhow.

Each for there own tho please dont think i am trying to upset anyone who does the half year thing as i see the idea of it and how it is good but i want my kids to celebrate it at there times. I feel lucky that one is summer and one is winter because i think the youngest is going to have some great winter themed parties

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