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Party ideas suitable for 12months- 3 year olds for son's 1st b/d?

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vicky11 Tue 21-Apr-09 09:51:10

I'm having a party for my ds birthday and now worried we might be stuck indoors if it's raining! There will be about 20 adults family/ few friends and about 10 kids! Any ideas for a successful party to keep the kids entertained! Have the chance to have a craft entertainer but worried about space in the house. Will definately do 'pass the parcel'! I am also keeping food very simple with just sandwiches and a few large cakes to enjoy!

DLI Tue 21-Apr-09 18:53:30

what about a paddling pool filled with ball pools and little soft toys etc at the bottom for the children to hunt for (one for each child to take home). it can be done both inside and out. aLl small children love ball pools. As long as you have toys for the children to play with you will be ok. Its very hard keeping all the children interested in one particular thing.

reb28 Thu 16-Jul-09 17:30:10

I'm having a party for my son first birthday and i good like to have entertainer, face painting, balloon modelling,will be £150 for two hours is OK?? i don't have idea how much is the cost??? please any advice

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