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Ideas for dd's party please

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janeite Sat 11-Apr-09 18:40:34

DD2 is approaching 12. We were going to do a swimming party but it is all booked up until somewhere around next century. Any ideas please?

We have done LOADS of thing sbefore, so trying to think of something different is a nightmare.

She says she doesn't want bowling, a restaurant or the cinema, despite the fact that any of these would make life very easy for the rest of us!


MaureenMLove Sat 11-Apr-09 18:45:00

Hmmm. Just trying to think what we did for DD's 12th. I think it was a restaurant, so that's no good. Unless, of course, you let her and a couple of mates go on their own? That's what we did. I cleared it with restaurant first, dropped them off, then picked them up afterwards.

She has also had a climbing wall party, for her 11th. And for her 13th she had a dinner party at home! DH cooked, I served and her guests were all poshed up! That was nice.

mrsmaidamess Sat 11-Apr-09 18:46:13

There are lots of 'crafty' ideas that girls of that age like. Get some cheap chunky small canvasses, paints or sticky bits and let them create their own original work of art. Then round it off with a huge bowl of melted chocolate and some strawberries on sticks to dip in.


Have a movie sleepover with pop corn, hot dogs, torches, you could make tickets to invite people.

Both of these are 'at home' parties of course

janeite Sat 11-Apr-09 18:46:50

Lovely ideas, thanks. Have done the dinner party before. Climbing wall could be a possibility as I think there may be one near us. I suspect she may like being left in a restaurant without adults!

Keep 'em coming!

janeite Sat 11-Apr-09 18:48:56

Sorry MrsM - crosssed posts.

Crafty is good - have done before but not for ages. Whenever we do an 'at home' party, choc fondue is a must!

Did cinema at home one last year for dd1.

Don't do sleepovers for more thatn two friends at a time as her room is so small!

NorbertDentressangle Sat 11-Apr-09 18:49:55

Ceramic cafe?

Lazer Quest?

MaureenMLove Sat 11-Apr-09 18:50:40

Got anyone who's handy with a camera (or may leave the girls in charge)? You could have a photo shoot party! Loads of dressing up stuff, props etc, followed by a DVD and pizza. I'm sure they are a wizz on the PC and can do all sorts of fun things with the pictures and have a memento of the night!

nightcrawler Sat 11-Apr-09 19:02:23

Do you have a dry ski slope within easy reach? We had a skiing party for DDs 12th and it was a huge success. They have a room for hire afterwards where we did the food. Obviously, if there is no ski slope near you, this idea is a no-no.
If no ski slope, maybe a horse-riding party? Most stables offer this. Not cheap, but you would go down in best ever party history grin

mrsmaidamess Sat 11-Apr-09 19:04:47

Ice skating?

A friend of mine did a fun 'treaure hunt ' party in the local shopping centre. The girls were split into 2 teams, given £10 and a list of items and clues and had to buy as much as they could from the list as cheaply as they could.

They were indoors all the time, with a mobile phone and the parent was having a coffee there too. They really enjoyed it!

janeite Sat 11-Apr-09 19:05:06

I think crafting is sounding the best possibility so far. We don't drive, so things like skiing etc are a bit of a pain to get to - great suggestions though. It therefore really needs to be something in the city centre that we can take them all on the train to, or something at home.

janeite Sat 11-Apr-09 19:05:35

Oh I like the 'mall party' idea - have seen that on a website before!

NorbertDentressangle Sat 11-Apr-09 20:01:55

oh I've just thought of something else that I stumbled across when looking for party ideas.......a make your own bath bomb /lip balm/ soap party.

You can buy kits specifically for parties (I saw some on ebay and also loads when you google "bath bomb kits" or something along those lines)

gybegirl Sat 11-Apr-09 20:22:26

There's a company I've seen recently that either will come to your house and do the crafts with the kids or send you all the kit. They're called I haven't used them, but they maybe worth a look.

janeite Sat 11-Apr-09 20:24:15

Thank you all. I think we may well go with crafts, although she is now saying she wants a restaurant party. Grrrr!

slumbo Tue 28-Jul-09 12:03:41

My niece had a photoshoot party in her house it was wonderfull, all 7 girls had make-up by a pro makeup artist and about 3 hours of photos group and singular by a femail photographer. She loved it and got a memory book full of printed photo's. She was 14 but the lady said they cater for all ages. Im having one for my 7 year old next year.

Countingthegreyhairs Tue 28-Jul-09 12:54:14

would she like go-carting?

the reason I ask is that dd's cousin (who is 9 yrs old and a bit of a tom boy) took 8 friends and family members from the ages of 8 to 12 go-carting for her last birthday and even the girly girls loved it!! YOu have to chose the place carefully though - one where they have a place for cake/announcer/and can time the laps etc - not the sort that is out in a field under an old shack with a corrugated iron roof ....

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