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Birthday parties!!!!

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Dash Sat 09-Apr-05 18:37:21

My DD1 will be 8yrs in May,any ideas anybody for a good birthday party

pabla Sat 09-Apr-05 19:17:57

So will mine! I know I will regret it if I attempt to have it at home so am looking for a suitable activity/venue, preferably one that does food so they don't have to come back here to eat. If I felt up to doing it at home we would probably have different craft activities and a bit of dancing around. She was at one yesterday at a dry ski slopes where they used some sort of ring, as opposed to tobbogans and she really enjoyed that so i'm going to check it out in terms of cost. I was hoping she would have graduated to just wanting to go to the cinema with a couple of friends but all her class still seem to be having parties where all the girls in the class are invited so I'll probably do the same. Let's hope you get some good suggestions!

vict17 Sat 09-Apr-05 19:24:14

When my neice was eight my sister booked a lady who did makeup and hairbraiding - about 10 girls came and they loved it!! They had tea afterwards too, just something simple (can't remember what though!)

RTMTMML Sat 09-Apr-05 19:26:12

What about a jewellery party? Mine loved that. If you're local I can recommend someone. She's brilliant!

Dash Sat 09-Apr-05 21:47:45

Good suggestions but DD is not a "girlie girl" very much into sport. Like the dry ski slope idea but don't think we have one local(Nottingham Area)

WestCountryLass Sat 09-Apr-05 22:24:11

Swimming pool party, you can usually book something with a local sports centre and a party room to take your own food?

My local sports centre also does trampolining/gym and inline skating/rollerbooting disco parties etc?

10 pin bowling party?

Christie Sat 09-Apr-05 22:58:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Polgara2 Sat 09-Apr-05 23:20:29

I second the bowling party idea, dd1 had one last year when she was 7, everyone loved it!!

RTMTMML Sun 10-Apr-05 00:23:32

Love the bowling party idea. Great fun for all the kids.

JoolsToo Sun 10-Apr-05 00:26:33

Parties - woo hoo!

RTMTMML Sun 10-Apr-05 00:28:37

jools, you've recovered!

JoolsToo Sun 10-Apr-05 00:32:18

mmmmmm - lots of Caberntt Savignon - seems to have fone te tirck!

stitch Sun 10-Apr-05 00:37:21


JoolsToo Sun 10-Apr-05 00:40:26

bang - you;re out

Linnet Sun 10-Apr-05 01:17:14

My dd1 is 8 this year and she's inviting a few friends and we're going to the cinema and then to pizza hut or somewhere similar for tea.

batey Sun 10-Apr-05 07:37:14

Pizza Express do pizza making parties. My dd1 went to one and loved it.

Tinker Sun 10-Apr-05 11:33:56

It's my daughter's 8th birthday party today and we're having a bowling one. Parties are definitley getting smaller (thank god) at this age though. She's done cinema + Pizza hut + sleepover plus a few smaller house parties this year. Would have gone for a sleepover this year with just 2 friends but at 8 months pregnant am happy to pay someone else to do the entertaining.

Tinker Sun 10-Apr-05 11:35:09

At Megabowl they do face painting, provide teh cake and party bags and have a healthy Wimpy

Dash Mon 11-Apr-05 18:07:13

Thanks for all your suggestions Think she's gonna go for a bowling party but someone gave me an idea today about a climbing party at the local climbing centre but don't think i'm that brave!!!!

WestCountryLass Mon 11-Apr-05 20:09:26

you can save that idea for next year

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