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Hen night at home

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milkysallgone Thu 05-Feb-09 21:39:02

I am maid/matron? of hounour and am trying to help oraganise the bride's hen do. She has decided to hold a cocktail evening at hers. I would really appreciate it if anyone has any good ideas for things I can do to help make it special for her.

I'm thinking along the lines of decorations, food, games and some sort of surprise (not a stripper - she would freak I think). Anyone got any recommendations?


thehairybabysmum Thu 05-Feb-09 21:47:47

Game wise, i went to one where they did a mr and mrs type quiz. Asked the groom in advance 10 questions about their relationship or her type things. Where was first kiss etc.

Was v. funny.

What about a mexican evening....tequila cocktails and fajitas.

milkysallgone Fri 06-Feb-09 08:44:26

Thank you. Not sure about the whole mexican thing - I think she's thinking along the lines of glam cocktails all dressed up etc.

time4tea Tue 17-Feb-09 15:52:25

glam up and have cocktails. get a book, a couple of posh glasses. lovely snacks.

To go along with the traditional mucky-joke hen-party thing, I made a willy-shaped cake made out of very posh ingredients, so it was rather delicious (and a hoot to make) there's a great shop called Sh! (women's erotic emporium) where you can get lots of little sex-related nicknacks for a saucy pass-the-parcel, with lots of stupid forfeits (not rude or embarrassing, just silly - sing a song, do a dance, tell a joke)

For my hen party, my hens organized a wonderful meal, we drank ourselves stupid, and then a karaoke machine turned up. big surprise and quite a hoot. the Mr & Mrs Game was also a laugh, although I didn't quite understand what was going on... need to have some very basic questions. or maybe I'm just thick. or was drunk :-)

VoteforGoat Tue 17-Feb-09 15:55:01

God i would hate to have some sex quiz game played when I was at a hen night.
HOw winceingley cringey.

hippopotamouse Tue 17-Feb-09 16:01:45

We had a Sex and the City night for my sis last year, we went out in edinburgh, very over dressed, posh restaurant, cocktails and stuff -it was great.

I'm sure you could do something like that at home? Most hen night decorations are pink/tacky so if its a posh do you are looking for I would avoid card shops. Matalan have M Party section where I am and they are great for coordinating party stuff.

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