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Birthday cake decorating tips: add yours here

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binkie Fri 08-Apr-05 13:29:47

1. Pirate treasure: Fox's Glacier Fruits lightly bashed in a freezer bag, then shaken in a sieve to get rid of dust & leaving only sparkling shards. Scatter and/or pile into a clumsy cuboid (made of RegalIce, see below) masquerading as a chest.

2. Icing to disguise/construct everything: SuperCook RegalIce ready to roll. Available from Budgen's and so presumably everywhere posher.

3. All four-year-old girls want a sponge cone with the top half of a Barbie sticking out the top. Ice cone & torso (as above) to represent ball dress.

motherinferior Fri 08-Apr-05 13:30:52

Binkie, you are Nigella, aren't you.

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