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Ever had Squiggle Bear entertainer??

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keiralou Thu 01-Jan-09 22:38:10

Am arranging my 4yo dd birthday party - there will be 12 girls and 3 boys there. Has anyone ever used this company? What were they like? and if I go with a princess theme will they also involve the boys?

keiralou Fri 02-Jan-09 22:22:42

Bumpity bump!!!!

dannysmom Wed 01-Apr-09 12:12:26

Keiralou - did you use Squiggle in the end and if so, how was it?

Twin1 Tue 07-Jul-09 18:35:44

Hi, arranging party for my sons's 5th party in hertfordshire. Has anyone got any ideas / recommendations or used a decent entertainer that would be good for both boys and girls.

There seem to be so many!! Had Collie Wobbles and Miss Julie suggested.

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