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What is everyone doing for Halloween today then?

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dinny Fri 31-Oct-08 11:09:12

We are:

Dressed up already (kids) in first costume change hmm

About to do pumpkins whilst awaiting mil and dog's arrival

Going to Halloween party at 3.30pm with some friends at this little softplay place

Trick or treating - unless as flipping freezing as yesterday night!

UpJacobscreek Fri 31-Oct-08 11:13:52

Nothing, DS going trick or treating for an hour with friends .

The girls and I are staying home because its freezing and dd4 is terrified of anything to do with Halloween .

I know I am a meanine but I have had too many years of dragging round lo's who cry they are cold and fed up and then go on a sugar high for days after angry.

CharleeInChains Fri 31-Oct-08 11:15:33

Kids are to young to do anything big but went to a Halloween party on Tuesday, DP and i are going to a small fancy dress thing at a friends tonight. I am going as Amy Wino and DP is being a Gruesome DR.

gaussgirl Fri 31-Oct-08 11:53:37

I'm doing a halloween party for 7 boys tomorrow evening. I'm dreading it! I'm sure once I have a glass of red on board I shall be fine!

As for trick/treat, no can do. My DH is Australian and he's APPALLED at how once the Aussies had begun to throw of the nasty imperial yoke of British Culture in favour of -um- their OWN culture, what they ACTUALLY did was embrace American culture complete with making a HUGE deal out of Halloween! So he's very anti T & T.

Cheesesarnie Fri 31-Oct-08 11:55:16

dd is going to a party then trick or treating and then a sleepover.
dh,ds's and myself are going to a party tonight.

might actually do apple bobbing in a bit to enertain them-might

justabouthowlsatthemoon Fri 31-Oct-08 11:56:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MadreInglese Fri 31-Oct-08 11:56:51

I'm totally off the hook this year (hurray)as DD is going to a trick or treat sleepover smile

MrsMattie Fri 31-Oct-08 11:57:47

Got a couple of DS's nursery friends coming round for a Halloween tea and then the dads are taking them off on a short Trick or Treating jaunt around the neighbourhood when it starts to get dark. DH is on Pumpkin carving duty. I'm heavily up the duff and have flu so wishing I could hide under the duvet sad

captainmummy Fri 31-Oct-08 11:58:58

Prob just snarling at the local beggars children/youths who come round, hands out. My own dc are going to the local church (no we are not religious) who are doing a fun-and-games thing, trying to dissuade the pagans out of the charms of sugar and bats.

Cheesesarnie Fri 31-Oct-08 12:01:19

justabouthowlsatthemoon- get them to make decorations too.and halloween dinner-were having unhealthy pizza with spiderweb sauce.

trefusis Fri 31-Oct-08 12:03:59

Message withdrawn

WhizzzingAroundOnABroomstick Fri 31-Oct-08 12:08:07

at the moment cleaning up as we have friends round this evening + kids for a party.
Isn't it funny - just vacuumed a cobweb only to put up fake cobwebs later hmmgrin

CharleeInChains Fri 31-Oct-08 12:10:25


trefusis Fri 31-Oct-08 12:13:35

Message withdrawn

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