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Tomorrow we're going to a 4 yr old's party from 10am-12noon

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Pennies Tue 28-Oct-08 20:13:11

Do you think they'll be serving food for the children?

compo Tue 28-Oct-08 20:13:54

where is it?

Pennies Tue 28-Oct-08 20:14:50

in a village hall.

eandh Tue 28-Oct-08 20:14:55

DD1 has been invited to a party at this time on a saturday (in a brewers fayre pub/softplay thing) in Nov and its hot food at 11.30

compo Tue 28-Oct-08 20:16:16

ooh not sure, maybe biscuits and squash?

does it matter though?

thisisyesterday Tue 28-Oct-08 20:16:46

i doubt it if it finishes at 12

DoubleToilandTroubleBluff Tue 28-Oct-08 20:17:53

maybe a n early lunch at 11.30?
Would have thpught some food if only snacks and drinks.

Pennies Tue 28-Oct-08 20:18:55

well DD2 is not invited and I have to take her as have no childcare options available. I thought I'd take along a pack lunch for her and it was when I was thinking about this that I began to wonder if there would be food at all.

For anyone who suggests that I should ask the mum - somehow I don't feel I can for quite long, boring and totally unsinister reasons that I don't want to go into.

ChasingSquirrels Tue 28-Oct-08 20:46:54

if i did a party at that time i wouldnt do food, although i would do it 10-11.30 which i hope would make it plain that no food was involved.

Hulababy Tue 28-Oct-08 20:49:12

Have been to parties at this time and food has always been served, at around 11:30.

jelliebelly Tue 28-Oct-08 20:50:46

We had a party for 3yo ds from 10.30am to 12.15pm and did party food at 11.30am

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