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Halloween party etiquette

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montymoo Tue 28-Oct-08 11:45:41

My 4 year old dd has been invited to a halloween party on Friday which she is very much looking forward to. When she has been to Birthday parties before she has always taken a present and card for the birthday child. What is the etiquette for a halloween party? Although the mother of the child holding the party has said not to bring anything, it seems a bit strange to turn up at a party empty handed.

themildmanneredaxemurderer Tue 28-Oct-08 11:46:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Heifer Tue 28-Oct-08 12:17:09

We are having a party here (DD is also 4) and don't expect anyone to bring anything..

A bottle of wine is always good though... grin

MingMingtheWonderPet Tue 28-Oct-08 12:22:19

When DS was invited to a Halloween party last year i just took some flowers for the mum who had organised it (abot £3 / £4, not much)
Another option would be to carve a pumpkin and fill it with sweets for everybody to share at the party.

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