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percy pig / farm cake? to buy or maybe really easy make?

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wotnopulling Thu 23-Oct-08 13:42:55

does anyone know if m&s do a percy pig birthday cake? it's dd1's birthday party at the weekend and i usually make cake but have been ill (still am) so not going to be able to.
i'll have to cancel party if not fit tomorrow but assuming i am i need a farm theme cake... any ideas?!

missblythe Thu 23-Oct-08 13:54:36

Could you make a stack of pig cupcakes instead?

Pink icing, marshmallow for nose, 2 spots with black icing pen for eyes, job done.

wotnopulling Thu 23-Oct-08 14:06:31

yes, that is a good idea. i had rejected it cos i wasn't sure i could match exact shade of pink marshmallow and icing - but that is me being obsessive. i think i might do this if i can get my act together... also saves cutting cake....

thank you!

Weegle Thu 23-Oct-08 19:09:12

v easy cake to make farm theme is a tractor:

make double your usual amount of cake mixture and make 2 loaf tins of cake. Cut one in half place on top of other at one end (that'll be the cab), then out of the rest cut 2 large circles and 2 small circles (wheels). Stick together with butter icing and cover with butter icing. Then use moulding icing to make windows. The take a trailer from your child's toys, fill with toy farm animals and attach to the back.

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