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Anyone got any suggestions for DD1's 10th birthday?

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whispywhisp Sat 11-Oct-08 22:13:27

In December it'll be DD1's 10th birthday. This will be the last time we have a party for to stop somewhere and thought now she'll be double figures etc we'd make this one her last one!

Now...I'm stuck for ideas! Anyone got any suggestions?

She's neither a girlie girl or a tomboy...she's just somewhere in between. She loves hair/nails/make-up but she's also very sporty and loves anything to do with keeping fit.

We don't have a lot of spare cash for a party but I want to let her do something with her mates but I'm so stuck for ideas. I've got DD2's birthday in the New Year but she's only 5yo and much easier to think of what to do with her...there seems to be more choice for kids of her age than a 10yr old!

severmefingers Sat 11-Oct-08 22:23:05

took DD and friends tobogganing.different.

Podrick Sat 11-Oct-08 22:25:15

swimming party
martial arts

janeite Sat 11-Oct-08 22:25:34

At home or out somewhere? How many friends?

Our local pool lets you book it and then take your own food for a party tea afterwards.


Dinner party type thing at home where they top their own pizzas, make their own icecream sundaes, decorate fairy cakes etc.

Wii fit party?!

Horse riding?

PuppyMonkey Sat 11-Oct-08 22:25:36

My friend runs a beauty shop and she does parties for girlies to come in and have their nails done, make-up etc. Goes down a storm... Maybe there is one near you that does the same?

whispywhisp Sat 11-Oct-08 22:27:25

Hi severmyfingers...our nearest ice-skating rink is 25miles away. Our bowling alley is, tbh, a dive and our cinema is ok but not very big and doesn't have the latest releases and is a bit antique. If only she'd been a Summer child...I could've invited loads to here and just shoved them out into the garden with her CDs, piles of make-up and a sarnie!

Podrick Sat 11-Oct-08 22:27:37


katz Sat 11-Oct-08 22:29:24

i've just done a fab science birthday party experiments and explosions ect. have it all written up if you want a copy

katzmumsnet at

whispywhisp Sat 11-Oct-08 22:30:18

Sleepover...great idea but the bedroom she has is the box room!

puppymonkey...that sounds a great idea but I'm not aware of anywhere doing that here....although I could always ask around. A mate of mine runs a salon...I'll ask at school on Monday.

Cynthia32 Sat 11-Oct-08 22:31:06

As well as some ideas, thought I'd let you know you may be forced to change your mind about this being her last party - if she doesnt have a 13th she'll probably be very disappointed as all the girls have one then as a celebration for being a teenager! And also her 16th, and 18th as well. I agree with the beauty shop idea. Or a disco - hire out a local venue and a dj may or may not be included, and then provide some drinks and crisps and there you go!

whispywhisp Sat 11-Oct-08 22:31:36

She is also a huge animal lover...last year we did her party at a local bird of prey sanctuary where everyone had the chance to learn how to fly an owl, hawk and eagle. Amazing.

whispywhisp Sat 11-Oct-08 22:32:28

cynthia...NOOOOO!!!! Don't say that! grin

MrsWeasley Sat 11-Oct-08 22:36:11

what area are you in?

A friend had an african drumming party for her 8 year old. It was very very enjoyable.

This lady does a jewellery making party.

Is she likes reptiles or creepy crawlies this is the best part ever.

These ideas are local to my area but perhaps someone is offering similar in your are?

If you have a park nearby perhaps contact the ranger team for a guided tour/nature ramble. followed by a campfire and food.

A Golf party

An iceskating party

A Swimming party

whispywhisp Sat 11-Oct-08 22:37:47

I'm in Andover, Hants.

MsBombastic Sat 11-Oct-08 22:40:11

At-home movie party? You can prob get a cheap popcorn maker (so they can make their own) , hire some DVds, order in pizza, pile up cushions and do mood lighting...and still be quids in on taking them to the pics.


Paint a pot/make jewellery type place. Or arrange your own at home if you are crafty enough - have seen canvas - type artboards, paintable masks etc. in Wilkinsons, cheap as chips!

Re. animal type parties. I'm sure there are some places which will bring small furry things (or reptiles if you prefer) to your home. Although prob easier in summer and i expect quite pricey.

whispywhisp Sat 11-Oct-08 22:41:54

Mrs W...I love the idea of contacting a local ranger and campfire/food etc...brilliant! That is definitely what DD1 would love...having a Dad who is ex-Army and she wants to join the cadets it sounds where do I look?

pinkbubbleGUM Sat 11-Oct-08 22:48:08

When DD2 was 10 we did a party called make a memory party. Basically I made a very simple album out of a sheet of 12" x 12" card with pockets.

Dc came and had photos taken by me. While they were decorating pizza, I printed their photos (passport size) after they had finished eating their pizza, their photos were ready. They then made them into little albums.

On the table I made sure there was enough ribbon, glue and lots of embellishments.

All the girls enjoyed it, even parents said what a good idea.

whispywhisp Sat 11-Oct-08 22:50:22

pinkbubble...that's a brilliant idea. I can get loads of cheap bits from our local Wilko. Food for thought. Thank you.

lilolilmanchester Sat 11-Oct-08 23:01:41

what about a combination of several of the things mentioned.. do their hair/nails/makeup on arrival to get them ready for the evening (DIY, minimal cost); decorate pizzas & cakes for tea; watch a DVD; make the memory books pink bubble suggests <<<makes a note for future reference!>>>, and while they're on perhaps make Christmas cards for their families? Areally indulgent night in but bet you could do it very reasonably and my DD & pals would love that sort of thing.

pinkbubbleGUM Sat 11-Oct-08 23:03:34

If you need a template for the album please let me know and I am happy to send you you one!

whispywhisp Sun 12-Oct-08 17:20:52

Thanks for all your very helpful suggestions...after talking it over with DH this morning (Sunday mornings is our usual catch up morning...where I actually get him to sit down and look at how much money we've got, what needs paying and what to allow for) we've decided we can't afford a party for her and really can't afford to do very much at all....and with our other daughter probably wanting a party for her birthday (Feb) we've made the decision to not have parties for either (fairest way, imo) this time round. Our mortgage is due to go up in Feb, my car needs an MOT (Nov) and until such time as I can get myself back into work (DD2 went full-time to school last week) we can't see ourselves affording very much....even my weekly food budget has had to take a bit of a nose-dive down to £60! Cripes! Bit of a bummer but I'm sure they'll be happy inviting a friend over for tea instead. Let's hope so.

lilolilmanchester Sun 12-Oct-08 21:39:30

whispywhisp, making a birthday special doesn't need money throwing at it. Making pizzas & cakes costs next to nothing, maybe just have one friend over to do this or your DDs do it together. Would be great to make the day special for her, and it really, really doesn't need to cost very much. My b=day parties as a child were very, very basic but we always did something to make it different to a normal day, I enjoyed them every bit as much as our DCs enjoy their more extravagant affairs.

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