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birthday presents

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alphabetsoup Mon 06-Oct-08 19:46:03

ds will be 5 soon; am planning a party. 20 ish children.

He had a party last year too and really enjoyed opening the presents. however he was tbh just as pleased that all his friends had come to his party and played games etc.

Have any of you ever said something along the lines of any of the following:
- no presents please, just come along and have fun
- presents definiteley not essential; or if you'd prefer, please make a small donation to {charity of choice tb decided}

Much as i don't want to deprive him, neither he nor any of his friends wants for much. Another angle to onsider is, will i pee off the other parents who will in future want to go down the trad party/present route and will they therefore be irked at what might unintentionally be construed as a compulsory precedent ?

Boyswillbeboys Mon 06-Oct-08 20:45:39

A friend had a party for her 6 year old a while ago, has three DCs and a small flat so didn't want any presents. She asked people to donate to the school's book appeal instead. Everyone was happy to do so, no-one took offence as far as I know. No-one saw it as some kind of one-upmanship either so go for it! I think it's fab that your DS is not desperate for the presents (mine was when it was his birthday! grin)

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