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Stuck for party ideas - please help

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NoNickname Mon 29-Sep-08 16:51:56

Ds will be five soon and I am stumped for party ideas. I have a venue - church hall type place - and wanted to do something a bit different from a magician/standard entertainer. I'll be doing the food myself, so want someone to take care of the rest of it.

The hall is too small for go-karts and electric cars.

I've tried the MN-recommended entertainers: Gilbert Giggles is booked; Jelly Kelly lives too far away!

I thought panto might be nice, and I've seen ones that come to schools and so on, but they want £600!

All the soft play places near us have been done to death, as has bowling. And anyway, I have now booked the hall.

What are drama parties like? Magical Quests is a company I've seen. Others like Stagecoach, etc. I'm not sure about as I didn't want the parents to have to leave the room.

Any other ideas? Please? I am a party novice - take pity on me.

stroppyknickers Mon 29-Sep-08 17:40:43

Tumble Tots. DS went to one organised by somebody like that and loved it.

stroppyknickers Mon 29-Sep-08 17:41:15

Might not be Tumble Tots, might be Gymboree or something. Google gym parties?

PoorOldEnid Mon 29-Sep-08 17:41:53

bouncy castle

NoNickname Mon 29-Sep-08 19:39:57

I think Gymboree is a bit young for them isn't it? Ds had a Gymboree party when he was 2.

Bouncy castles have been done to death too by our crowd.

Any other ideas?

NoNickname Tue 30-Sep-08 09:13:58


AbbaFan Tue 30-Sep-08 09:26:35

Why don't you just do traditional party games - kids love it.

Maybe have a craft table where the kids could make party hats - crowns and tiara's, or some biscuit decorating etc.

You could have it as a dress-up theme, with a prize for the best dressed.

mellyonion Tue 30-Sep-08 09:28:57

we have one lots of nice different parties...we went to the cinema once on a saturday morning to the kids club..£2 per child, every adult per child goes free..i did party bags with popcorn, sweets and a drink, and we had a brill time!...look up your local cinema.

we have done fancy dress picnic, where all the kids sit on blankets on the floor...ts just good fun!

disco, with someone who does all the traditonal games and competitions for you?

circus skills party? our kids loved that..we saw one at a christening once.

fooball party?

supeheros party?

in my experience as a parent, and running activities for children, five year olds love nothing more than to run around and have fun....

nailpolish Tue 30-Sep-08 09:31:55

i am having a joint party for my dds next month - they are going to be 6 and 4
i have hired a disco for 2 hrs on the sunday afternoon - £50
facepainter - £40
disco man does games and stuff
the 2 hrs will go in a flash

i thought about a bouncy castle but decided i had enough

nailpolish Tue 30-Sep-08 09:33:13

i consdiered an 'animal man' he brings animals along like cuddly rabbits and guinea pigs and/or snakes and horrid spiders for small fee

would your ds go for that

nailpolish Tue 30-Sep-08 09:35:57

this sort of thing i think boys would love

ChippyMinton Tue 30-Sep-08 09:36:19

Where are you? I like Jelly kelly, but I also love Crazy Hazy

mellyonion Tue 30-Sep-08 09:40:29

ooh ohh. nailpolish...i saw one of those parties once...was fantastic! and the kids really loved it.
(apart from the pervy organiser who kept asking if i wanted to see his "special" snake blushhmm!)

mellyonion Tue 30-Sep-08 09:42:12

how about a craft type party? does anyone do that kind of thing?

maybe some local nursery staff would be prepared to staff it for you as a special cash job!

NoNickname Wed 01-Oct-08 10:48:27

Oh I like the idea of the animals - but I don't suppose they will come to East Surrey from Scotland. Will have a scout around for someone nearer.

ChippyMinton - can you tell me more about Crazy Hazy - she looks good from the website and I am probably in her area, but a first hand account is always good.

ChippyMinton Wed 01-Oct-08 16:15:18

I've booked her for a couple of kids party evenings at our local church and the children always have a good time. My DC have also been to a couple of 4th/5th birthday parties where she's been the entertainer.

She sets up a disco, then plays music and dancing games with the children, limbo dancing, balls, balloons, gives out prizes for best moves etc. She has lots of energy! Quite loud and full-on for as long as you want. IIRC she entertains during the food as well.

Her name is Tracey, suggest you give her a call and discuss what you want (and no, I'm not on commission, just a satisfied client!)

ChippyMinton Wed 01-Oct-08 16:16:30

Meant to add, she's good with large groups - up to 50 children shock

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