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With the credit crunch - I think the first thing to go should be Halloween, totally pointless/ waste of money imo

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LoveMyGirls Wed 24-Sep-08 14:27:45

Please discuss..........

forevercleaning Wed 24-Sep-08 14:41:06

trick or treating - god I LOATHE ir. I do not let mine do this and do not see why I should have to open my door every five mins to others.

As for halloween itself, mine have enjoyed decorating a pumpkin and dressing up, maybe with a few friends for tea and apple bobbing. All done in the privacy of our own home. Trick or treating spoils it.

Bridie3 Wed 24-Sep-08 14:45:41

I'm with you, sistah!

Ban, ban, ban.

Or limit to apple-bobbing and stick buns on a washing line.

No plastic crap/

DrHorrible Wed 24-Sep-08 14:46:36

You take my halloween, I'll take your NYE.


Bridie3 Wed 24-Sep-08 14:48:02

Just ban NYE too.

Actually, why not ban certain elements of Christmas? No decorations, carols, etc before Dec. 1st would be a good start.

expatinscotland Wed 24-Sep-08 14:50:46

well, it won't go out here. it originated in these parts. can't wait to take the girls up to the forest for the big fun - dooking for apples, guising, carving neeps, etc.

i love hogmanay (NYE), too. going over to our local (the ILs are coming through to babysit! ) and sipping whisky and ale and bringing the guitar and singing and playing with like-minded folk till the wee hours.

BIG fun!

ShowOfHands Wed 24-Sep-08 14:50:48

I'll join the crusade if we can officially rename NYE ShowOfHands' Birthday.

I want to see fewer cards too. It's a waste of paper just to send a 'congratulations on your first zit' greeting.

DrHorrible Wed 24-Sep-08 14:51:14

You're chirpy ain't ya?

expatinscotland Wed 24-Sep-08 14:51:30

you could become a Jehovah Witness and have no holidays at all except Easter.

DrHorrible Wed 24-Sep-08 14:51:57

(That was to Bridie)

SOH - remind me at the time and send your address, and I'll post a card grin

DrHorrible Wed 24-Sep-08 14:52:25

pmsl - read that as you not gettnig enough BIRTHDAY cards blush

Bridie3 Wed 24-Sep-08 14:55:35

Yeah, DrHorrible

chunkychips Wed 24-Sep-08 14:57:27

Never liked the tricking and treating thing, always gets abused round here, but we're having a party, won't cost us anything though, a pumpkin and slash some of dc's old clothes or wrap them up in bandages. The lantern's the best bit anyway.

lemonlady Wed 24-Sep-08 14:58:42

I can't ds birthday! and im glad really nice day to spend it.

DisenchantedPlusBump Wed 24-Sep-08 14:59:12

We are trying to spend less but are having a small halloween party for the kids.

They love it, they are already drawing pumpkins. They are only 2 & 3 so it wont cost much to make and decorate some spooky biscuits and make some spider decorations.


PrimulaVeris Wed 24-Sep-08 15:06:54

No no no we LOVE halloween

Even if no party, we make do with pumpkin carving and a bumper bag of Haribos for trick & treaters

elmoandella Wed 24-Sep-08 15:52:06

your house must be frightfully good fun hmm

myermay Wed 24-Sep-08 15:53:59

i love halloween, harmless fun for little ones i think

myermay Wed 24-Sep-08 15:55:16

i love halloween, harmless fun for little ones i think

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