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convince me/talk to me about having a party for a 6 yr old

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1dilemma Sun 21-Sep-08 01:28:51

That's it really
we've managed to avoid it so far blush but dcs have been going on about it and don't really know where to start/what to do

do you invite everyone in the class?
can we combine it with one for the 4 yr old?

what works for that age?

TheInvisibleManDidIt Sun 21-Sep-08 01:46:27

whats your budget?

Local community centers can be hired for arond £20- £30 for 2 hours. Easily fit a whole class of kids in.

However, if you're going to invite that many would recommend getting a bouncy castle/ face painter/ entertainer.

Or you may be able to do a soft play area party in your area?

My s ds's had their last 'big' parties when they were 5. Now we just take them and a couple of their pals bowling/ cinema.

loobeylou Sun 21-Sep-08 01:48:31

Girls or boys? only got experience of girls myself and I love doing their parties, at that age they love fancy dress or themed parties. 6 and 4 are close enough to enjoy same things (our dd's are also 2 yrs apart, now 6&8)

usually we hire village hall and do all the good old traditional games, pass the parcel, pin tail on donkey, lots of balloon based games, simon says, okey cokey, heads, shoulders, knees and toes. the kids love them, honestly.

how many to invite depends on size of class and whether you are combining for both kids, or have cousins etc to invite too. Advise a maximum of 30 tops, we usually have about 18-25, depending how many of the ones you invite can come. Invited whole class in first year of school, more selective now!

Do it, it's the stuff memories are made of, and it will be fun!

loobeylou Sun 21-Sep-08 01:50:49

price of hall must depend where you are - our village hall seats 100+ and is only £7 an hour with an hour free setting up time!

S1ur Sun 21-Sep-08 02:07:39

Think you either invite a few (six) cose mates or tons (class).

If six, have a wicked, detailed and extravagnat do at home or trip to cinema and bowling whatever a very 'grownup' version.

If having lots and lots then yes, hire somewhere.

Decide which you prefer then let us know. There are lots of options/games/food/general ideas for either way.

serin Sun 21-Sep-08 21:11:16

We do three parties a year and have always managed to come up with a different idea each time, the easiet by far has to be to hire a hall and a DJ, get someone to recommend one that specialises in kids parties and they will play loads of games and keep the kids well entertained.

In the past we have paid a fortune for a clown, (only to find half the kids were afraid of them) and for an entertainer who was anything buthmm Disco was about half the cost and far more fun.

1dilemma Wed 24-Sep-08 00:32:00

Thanks all you are enthusing me!
ds is really desperate to the point where he has decided which of the girls can bring their Mums because the halloween theme will be too scarey! grin

I think he'd rather have a party than a pressie tbh

I will search about Halloween themes and children on here and see what I can find (will also find out cost of local hall)

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