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Ideas for a Halloween Party at Home.

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MaggsS Sat 20-Sep-08 16:04:20


I am planning a Halloween party for up to 10 children aged 6-8 at home.

I have a DS who's 7 and a DD who is 6 and I have told them they can invite 4 friends each.

DS has recently started junior school and is finding it hard to make friends.I do not know any of the children he would like to invite or their parents.

I was planning to get the decorations from Asda or similar and would like to take them trick or treating around where we live (neighbours are normally friendly and enter into the spirt) so no need for party bags.

Does anyone have any good ideas for food or party games?

Do you think I should invite the parents in for a drink or food just to break the ice a bit?

Any advice would be great.


cremolafoam Sat 20-Sep-08 16:18:03


i have to nip out now, but willexplain more later

we love Hallow'een

yomellamoHelly Sat 20-Sep-08 19:29:05

In similar situation - ds1 wants a halloween themed birthday party.

His input so far has been bobbing apples, hunt the ghost (thought I'd find some ghost rubbers or sweets for them to find and keep) and a vampire story (thought we could do in dark with torches for extra scariness).

Food-wise was thinking of an orange cake with a chocolate spiders web over the top and some kind of jelly or liqorice worms in jelly. I remember my mum making a crazy coloured cake with food dyes when we were little.

CaliWench Sat 20-Sep-08 19:37:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

S1ur Sat 20-Sep-08 19:41:07

Unlucky spider dip
ghostly dancing
Ghost hunting (turn upstairs lights off, have to snaeak about finding A)each other B)dh C) some sort of prop.
Speed mummy wrap - provide toliet roll, make teams with one assigned 'mummy'. Put on music - wrap 'mummy' in toliet roll.

Make punch (blood wine)
Alcohol version (fire water)

Blood pies (jam tarts)
Eyeballs - grapes in juice
Freaky hand - freeze plastic glove filled with water then float in punch
withes fingers - breaded chicken sticks, topped with ketchup nails.

S1ur Sat 20-Sep-08 19:42:01

these look ace

S1ur Sat 20-Sep-08 19:42:28

whole site's pretty good

yeahyeah Sat 20-Sep-08 19:42:45

I grew up in America where everyone seems to have halloween parties...the best I remember - there was a dark room and you had to put your hands in all these different bowls, but you couldn't see what was in them, and there was one that was supposed to be eyeballs but it was peeled grapes...still remember it as it was actually quite scary in a fun way. It's great when you can have 3 different rooms, or two and a closet or something and have different things going on in each, basically make them really dark and have grown ups dressed up as witches saying boo or doing games or whatever...

pinkspottywellies Sat 20-Sep-08 19:45:29

Don't want to be a party pooper but some parents are a bit anti-trick or treat (don't want thier children to go begging etc) so you might want to check with them first.

I love all the party ideas though. Sounds great!

janeite Sat 20-Sep-08 19:45:41

Corpse hands for decoration: fill plastic gloves with popcorn.

Deffo the mummy wrap

Apple bobbing

Using teeth only to get marshmallows from a plate of icing sugar

Inviting the mums and dads in for a drink is a nice idea.

If you don't know the children, I personally wouldn't take them trick or treating (10 kids, 8 of whom you don't know, running around on sugar highs = arghhhhhhh!) but then, tbh, I don't like trick or treating anyway.

S1ur Sat 20-Sep-08 19:46:02

Make jelly, mash it up and put 'bugs' jelly worms and such inside.

And yes do the hand in gross stuff thing - I remember that from childhood too!

janeite Sat 20-Sep-08 19:46:59

Nigella's "Feast" has some good ideas for Halloween food.

S1ur Sat 20-Sep-08 19:51:27

search archives too, there have been some very good threads on this over the years..

R2G Tue 23-Sep-08 00:27:36

Message withdrawn

twinsetofcocks Sat 25-Oct-08 19:55:13

I am having a halloween party and did not think of looking in my Nigella book.

We do one every year the following have gone down well,

Mask making
Grabbing bugs from a slimy mixture of spaghetti, food colouring etc ( did make everyones hands go red though)
Mummy game
Donuts on string
Creepy things in box, I have bought some rather creppy body parts from woolies today.

MaggsS Sun 26-Oct-08 06:11:20

Thanks twinsetofcocks.

Have 10 children for a party this Friday. New friends from DS's school plus some old faces from DD1 school.

Kids are really excited!

Anyone else have any ideas on this one?? grin

MaggsS Wed 29-Oct-08 09:55:04

Just bumping this incase anyone has anymore great ideas grin

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