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How many friends do I tell DS1 he can have for his party???

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FAQ Mon 08-Sep-08 13:34:32

DS1 will be 8 next Tuesday - but for his birthday the following saturday he's going to take a few of his friends for lunch at McDonalds, then we'll walk back here and they will have a PS2 "marathon" with crisps/snacks to munch on.

He only has 2 controllers (though may be able to borrow 2 off exH - along with the adapter thingamajig - but not a certainty).

Presuming they only have the 2 controllers thinking they could play in "teams" - but not sure how many to invite - 3 seems a bit small and weedy (IYKWIM), 4 would leave an odd number of people in the teams (as DS1 would be the "5th" person) - so do I do 5 or 7?

Kbear Mon 08-Sep-08 23:33:45

I too am agonising over numbers of friends to invite for DS's 7th birthday tea next week. I thought three friends then there are four of them so they can maybe play PS2 for a bit. He's going to the cinema with two of his friends on Sunday but I've said he can invite some of the boys round for tea on the actual day but I'm wondering how to occupy them.

See you know where you are with girls, they thunder upstairs, put lippy on and dance to HSM in front of the mirrors!

FAQ Tue 09-Sep-08 07:00:11

lol Kbear

I do sort of think 3, but then I thought that would be a bit mean, I think I'm going to go for 5,, but still not entirely certain (although I have to make my mind up soon I guess)

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