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Bear making party?

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dorathesnorer Sat 06-Sep-08 06:45:56

Has anyone ever done one of these? Am planning one for dds 6th birthday, any tips/ideas for activities?

Boyswillbeboys Sat 06-Sep-08 18:23:26

I know the Build a Bear shops do parties instore, never been but have been to a party where the children basically made the bears themselves with all the bits and pieces. It was a 5th birthday, and they all loved it - boys included!

RubyRioja Sat 06-Sep-08 18:25:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

irishbird Sat 06-Sep-08 18:29:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

dorathesnorer Mon 08-Sep-08 05:58:47

That's the one I'm looking at irishbird and definitely not buying ANY outfits have seen the prices of them! Think will get the deluxe bears with t-shirts, voice recorder etc. What I'm wondering tho is how long does stuffing the bears actually take? Trying to plan timetable for 2hrs need it v. structured as my house is tiny so can't have them getting bored and running around!

mummydoc Mon 08-Sep-08 17:09:29

hi dora, i am doing one of htese for my dd's 4th birthday, i have planned a treasure hunt first . i have drawn a picture of a teddy bear and made each copy a different coloour , then i laminated them, then i cut out shapes from corresponding colured felt for each part of the bear i.e. legs, arms, nose etc and have put velcro tabs on the picture and each bit , the children are goign to follow a trail of couloured paw prints round the garden collecting the bits to make up the picture of hteir teddy at the end will be thier kit, i have done clues for the older children to follow to make it harder. that should pass a bit of time

linzs Wed 10-Sep-08 15:40:32


I had one of these parties for my DD 7th bday last year.

We bought our kits from Teddy bear cabin (online) and were really really impressed with their quality.(Was very worried about this as was ordering them online)

Had a two hour party and tbh the time went flying by.

I ordered different types of teddies and hung them up in the conservatory with numbers on them. I then filled a pinata with pencils, pens, stickers etc and a small note book for each child. Inside the first page of the notebook I wrote a number which corresponded with one of the teddies and then when the pinata opened the girls all chose a book and thus "won" the corresponding bear.

I also ordered different tops for the teddies and wrapped them in a pass the parcel and the girls then won a different top for their bear. I thought it was fairer this way as the girls didnt argue about their bears or tops.

Stuffing the bears took a while and then we bought lots of arty/crafty bits to decorate the birth certificates with.

I did have other games ready to use but by the time the girls had finished the bear and the certificate it was time to eat and then go home.

Still get lovely comments about the party - the girls all take their teddies everywhere with them and my DD has even suggested doing the same this year!!

smartiejake Wed 10-Sep-08 15:54:55

I had one of these for my dds 10th birthday last week and it was just great.

Think 6 year olds will need a bit more help so as long as you have plenty of adults to hand it should be fine.

We made our own invites and gave the girls a choice from 4 different bears to make and then I ordered them in time for the party.

We had 2 tables- one for the stuffing and one for the t-shirts and birth certificates (some of the packs you can get have a little white t-shirt that can be decorated with fabric pens). Our packs also came with voice recorders which can be put into a hand or the tummy.

We had a few games while the tea was sorted on the tables.

We used "Be my bear" here and they are brilliant. Very easy to order and came promptly. You can also send back any packs you don't use for a refund. They are much more reasonable than the Build a Bear parties at the shops.

Don't need any party bags either as they come with a nice bag to take the bear home in.

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