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Joint parties??

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SquiffyHock Fri 05-Sep-08 16:05:03

A friend has suggested we do a joint party for our DD's. It makes sense, they will be 2 & 3 and most of the guests would be the same.

What I don't want is people thinking they have to bring gifts for both if they wouldn't normally IYSWIM. Thought we could send different invitations, have their own cakes etc. should we do separate party bags or just pool money and do 1 really nice one each?

What's the general feeling about joint parties?

SquiffyHock Fri 05-Sep-08 20:04:11


Flamesparrow Fri 05-Sep-08 20:05:41

Dif invitations and state that they only have to bring one gift.

Sep cakes.

One party bag, and only needs normal one party contents, not some insane amount with pooled resources wink

harpomarx Fri 05-Sep-08 20:08:29

well, as most of the guests would be the same they would presumable be buying both girls a present anyway? And the ones that aren't joint friends could be sent an invite just from one person (ie not advertising it is a joint party).

agree with fs, two cakes, one party bag and no need to go to town unless you want to!

SquiffyHock Fri 05-Sep-08 20:21:02

So people won't think it's odd to get 2 invitations for the same party? Or do we do singles and joint?

Flamesparrow Fri 05-Sep-08 20:22:39

if you're both inviting then do joint - 2 separate will be odd

Flamesparrow Fri 05-Sep-08 20:23:29

i still think buying just one present is the way to go though. Just divide up guests and put on the invite "your gift is for x/y"

MimsieNet Fri 05-Sep-08 20:24:35

Don't mind If I do.. Thanks. <<Takes proferred joint. Inhales>>

SquiffyHock Fri 05-Sep-08 20:35:16

Mimsie grin

Good idea Flamesparrow - I had wondered how to tell people to only bring one gift but your way makes sense. Thanks.

harpomarx Fri 05-Sep-08 20:54:25

I would find the 'your gift is for x/y' thing a bit weird, tbh. I know everyone will bring a present but seeing it written down on a child's party invite sounds a bit pushy! Also, it may be that someone really wants to buy a present for x because they have seen something that is perfect for them but are told they have to bring a present for y! I would be happier buying what I felt like buying, which would be a modest present for both (assuming that my child was friends with both).

sheesh, I made that sound complicated grin

Flamesparrow Fri 05-Sep-08 21:10:35

I have seen many ranty threads about having to pay for both kids wink

cat64 Fri 05-Sep-08 21:22:16

Message withdrawn

SquiffyHock Sat 06-Sep-08 07:59:50

Thanks all - we go to a lot of the same mother and baby groups/coffee morning so a lot of the guests will be the same.
HarpoMarx - I do know what you mean, I was invited to a party recently and ask to make donations to buy an outdoor toy and I was a bit hmm. I also agree about seeing gifts that are perfect for a particular child.

This was what I was worried about - it makes to much sense to have a joint party, otherwise all of these people would be going to one on saturday and one on sunday, I just don't want any of our guests to start a thread on here ranting about us!!!

Cat64 - I will def do the invitations as you suggest, some joint, the rest just from one child.

traceybath Sat 06-Sep-08 08:28:29

i just held a joint party for my son's 4th birthday with his friend from pre-school.

we did joint invites to all their school friends and i did separate invites to his/my friends.

people who were friends with both children bought two presents and his out of school friends just bought a pressie for him - seemed to work well.

we did 2 cakes and it worked well as we had about 40 children and i wouldn't have done that many on my own.

however - next year i'd probably do a separate party.

oh and one party bag per child

still cost me about £200!!!!

SquiffyHock Sat 06-Sep-08 17:38:27

Thanks Traceybath! I hoping we won't have that many - one of the reasons we decided to do it jointly is because, at their age, they don't have loads of friend to invite so there should only be 15/20 in total. I'm going to try and book the Village hall tomorrow and think about an entertainer or bouncy castle.

Thanks fo the advice smile

traceybath Sat 06-Sep-08 21:18:19

We did village hall and bouncy castle - great fun for all the children.

Other big advantage of joint parties is two sets of parents to tidy up afterwards.

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