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pinata bashing

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fatmumslim Mon 01-Sep-08 22:08:03

How long will it take 16 nine year old boys to bash a pinata until the sweets all drop out and we can end the party? I don't want to leave it til just before the end of the party if the thing takes ages to destroy and all the parents are there waiting! And what do you use to hit pinatas - we only have hockey sticks...

scotlass Mon 01-Sep-08 22:09:58

It took a bunch of 6-7yr old girls about 10 mins to bleed the pinata dry of sweets at a party my DD went to. I can't remember what they used, broom handle I think.

S1ur Mon 01-Sep-08 22:14:22

Some bought pinatas take a very very long time.

Often ending in various fathers stepping up and trying (and failing) to casually twat it as hard as possible whilst simultaneously appearing not to be demonstrating their manliness (or lack of).

I'd do it early. If it bursts early then have a plan b

fatmumslim Mon 01-Sep-08 22:54:47

thank you for your advice - we'll see how it goes. I'm beginning to realise it's worth paying for parties to be held at leisure centres/ play barns as I'm even stressing about how long pinatas take to burst!!!

threestars Mon 01-Sep-08 23:08:01

We got one for ds's 4th birthday. Solid as a rock. And we only had a plastic pirate sword as the bat, which eventually broke under pressure hmm

In the end, we discreetly ripped it down the back, so every time it was bashed a few sweets trickled out so each child 'achieved' a result.

Oh, the panic. Oh the planning. I'm still recovering from it.

MarsLady Wed 03-Sep-08 17:59:25

Where can I get a nice yet cheap one please? I have 9 10-11yrs girls descending on my garden on Saturday.

Ooh and whilst you're there where can I hire some cheap outdoor games (eg Giant Connect 4)? Ta! grin

fatmumslim Thu 04-Sep-08 22:18:45

Well, the pinata lasted about 10 bashes! But that was from 10 year old boys using a hockey stick!! I saw on a website that you can buy special sticks for hitting the pinatas, so perhaps that's the way to go.
I don't know where the cheapest ones are to be found - incredibly we bought ours in America on holiday last year as my son saw this spiderman one and wanted it there and then. Don't know what I was thinking when I said yes, except I guess it was cheaper in dollars than pounds?!
Well, only another few months til my 2 year old's party...! Any ideas there?!

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