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3rd birthday party and a tiny flat - dont know what to do!

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vannah Sun 31-Aug-08 21:21:06

Hello all,
Just need some advice re parties, am a bit new to it all. The first was easy, just 3 babies and not much happening.

Now DS will be 3 soon, and we have a very small flat - our living room is smallish. And DS has about 8 kids and all the parents now to squeeze in.
WOrth hiring a place? If so, what's good? (I live in crouch end north london)
and if we have it at home, what do you do for a 3 year old's party (activities)? A few parties Ive been to have been in houses where the kids were out in the garden - we have no garden.
Ive seen a pass the parcel being done too...

any suggestions?

S1ur Mon 01-Sep-08 01:01:51

Is there a local park you can go to? Taking ballons and picnic and games if you wish?

Alternatively at smallish home -

Keep guests to 3-4 close friends (hopefully adult friends you like)
make sandwiches and buns and have crisps and fruit about.

Games, yes pass the parcel,
dance and freeze - you play music they dance, you stop they freeze.
treasure hunts work even in the smallest of spaces.
craft activity - set up a table wioth something to do, they can come and go as they wish. Something like, make a party hat/bag etc.

Most of all, let them play themselves! the friends will want and need a bit of time to charge about flat looking at toys. allow for this.

then serve food, then have a couple of games, then let them free-range again.

Oh also, if you don't mind, put your mattress on the floor and turn on your bubble machine (which you may have to buy wink). Bouncing = good for burning off sugar rush

then give adult friends drinks and chat away and enjoy.

Then give children going away gift/party bags and you're done grin

S1ur Mon 01-Sep-08 01:03:46

re number of guests.. I reread OP, I would want to invite all, but only you know size of flat. Hiring place can work well if you can find somewhere.

stretchmarkqueen Mon 01-Sep-08 12:16:07

Local church hall? ours are quite cheap.

vannah Mon 01-Sep-08 20:51:44

thankyou both. SMQ mine is cheap too, but I thought he might confuse it with a normal day at playgroup. Maybe not...

Thanks Slur for all those ideas, very helpful for a beginner to parties! I think the bubble machine/mattress is a brilliant idea!! Not much room for a craft table. But again treasure hunt v do-able. Will limit to closest friends, but 8 were the closest..(his friends will bring siblings)

stretchmarkqueen Tue 02-Sep-08 14:32:23

Don't get into the habit of inviting siblings!!!!! Honestly, you may regret it later on when he's at school! shockgrin

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