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Hannah Montana Party- any tips?

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Rachmumoftwo Sun 17-Aug-08 22:16:33

DD wants a Hannah Montana themed make-over party. She wants between 10 and 15 girls there, with 3 sleeping over after the party.

I'm thinking make-up, nail polish and hair glitter, making bracelets and necklaces, and having the concert on DVD playing in the background. I will feed them American style food, hot dogs and the like. How else can I entertain them?

I have ordered the tableware from Toysrus at a bargain price, what else will I need?

cikecaka Sun 17-Aug-08 22:51:15

Maybe a few toy microphones. Apart from that you seem to have everything covered. What age will she be?

newpup Mon 18-Aug-08 06:40:40

Just check with parents about the make up (sure you will).

DD1 went to a sleepover party last year and came back with an allergic reaction to some cheap make up they had used! If I had known I could have sent her with some she could have used.

Can you get hold of a Kareoke machine? What about some cheap blonde wigs ala Hannah style?

Rachmumoftwo Mon 18-Aug-08 09:19:01

She'll be 7. I was planning on putting a make-up info bit at the bottom of the invitation to be safe. The children I know well already will be fine, but there are a couple of new girls starting in her class, and I don't know them (or their mums) yet.

I am safe in the knowledge that this is the 3rd Glam & Glitz for most of these girls, so will not be demon mother from hell if I put make-up on them.

Like the idea of microphones, they could be instead of party bags! And if I can get the wigs cheap enough that would be fab!

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