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Great Birthday for 6yr old & Dad!

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ns888 Fri 15-Aug-08 16:22:26

Hi Everyone,
Just had my little boys 6th birthday & had a fantastic party! Just needed to tell someone about it! I'm a chef and work funny hours and the thought of organising a party for 25 energetic little people was, to say the least, filling me with unease! A week or so prior to the party, armed with a day off work i set about organising the 'fest'; Birthday present (a guitar), invitations sent, food sorted (i was preparing most of the food from my kitchen at work) i even brushed up up some party games - that's when i stumbled upon these wonderful, new, huge! balloon characters-i'd never seen anything like this before! I'd seen clowns make dogs & flowers, but these are way different- Road Runner,Wily Coyote, Popeye Donald Duck, Uncle Scrooge, & all nearly 4 foot tall! Daniel (my 6 yr old) has allways loved 'Popeye' & i couldn't resist this one-the likeness is uncanny! It arrived well packaged and fully inflated, all i had to do was take it out the box & stand it up-nearly 4 foot tall! Popeye was a focul point throughout the party for the children & the adults! and in the past week i have been asked by friends and friends of friends, tens upon tens of times where they can get these balloon characters, so now you can stop pestering me(you know who you are!)here's the link guys

I can't reccomend these enough, a great idea for birthday parties, little ones (&big ones!) love them,(ours is still inflated after 9 days!) they're very different and they don't cost the earth! Highly Reccomended!

BaDaBing Fri 15-Aug-08 16:24:55

Great plug! You have to pay to advertise here tho so contact Mumsnet - best of luck with your business venture and e-bay shop wink

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