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party games for 2 year olds (and a few 3 and 4 year olds) or any other advice warmly received

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weejie Wed 13-Aug-08 14:08:27

am planning to do the party fun myself - any ideas for games? things to do? top tips? food?

or am I mad to even be considering this?

RhinestoneCowgirl Wed 13-Aug-08 14:14:31

DS has just turned 2, we had a little tea party for him and a few of his friends (and of course their parents, so our mates really).

We started around 3ish, as most still having an afternoon nap. Didn't do any games as they were happy just playing with the selection of toys we put out - also balloons a big hit. Unfortunately it rained, otherwise getting them all outside is a good plan (bubble machine!)

We had some sarnies, chopped up veggies and CAKE! Don't let it go on too long, and don't expect them to eat much besides icing and cake crumbs...

Weegle Wed 13-Aug-08 14:54:17

I wouldn't do organised games TBH. I would have some music, and a bubble machine, and a little buffet of finger food. Loads of balloons loose on the floor, usual toys. At a push you could do pass the parcel with a prize in every layer but even this is a nightmare with 2 year olds - they are just old enough for some of them to understand the concept of a present but not old enough to understand this one present that comes in to their hands and they have to let go immediately! Good luck!

MrsBates Wed 13-Aug-08 15:05:44

Agree. Just had three year old party and not in the least interested in games. And pass the parcel seems to end up with the parents doing it so didn't bother with that either. We put different toys in different parts of the room - lego corner, play doh, train set corner, farm animals, table with paper and crayons etc and had them here for 2-3 hours. 4 guests and all seemed to have a great time. Overheard a dad saying 'What a sweet little party this is'. Decided to take that as a compliment. Also had a bucket of ice with beers and a pile of mini bagels for the parents. And had it in the morning over lunch time so all calm again for later.

Could try sleeping lions or one of those games but think you'll have more fun with no need for children to understand rules.

And had pile of fairy cakes with candles on the top one. Easier than crumbling slices. Have a good time!

PS Our son didn't really take any notice of the other children and played only with a few family friends so he'd have been happy just with that. And went to one 2nd party where the birthday boy was so shy and overwhelmed he stayed in the kitchen with his cats and didn't come out until everyone had gone. So might sound obvious but do be sure your child will enjoy this way of celebrating and if not take them on an outing or something p or have a day where all you do is play and do no housework etc. Wish I'd done that actually!

weejie Wed 13-Aug-08 17:13:18

brilliant ideas, thanks - especially the fairy cake idea...

I was thinking of action songs more than games, but the toy corners sounds a lot easier!

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