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Nice hotel in Guildford please.

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BornToRun Tue 12-Aug-08 18:52:54

Getting married abroad but having a party for friends later in the year. Where would be a nice venue in Guildford?

surreylady Tue 12-Aug-08 19:39:18

Depends what you want - numbers budget etc - if you wanted something different it might be worth looking at Clandon Park (National Trust) they do weddings but as also will hire out the restaurant area for reception functions - Painshill Park offers similar and is another lovely setting. Guildford is not awash with hotel venues (assuming that is what you want)- there is the Holiday Inn - which is a modern slightly out of town hotel building (but has a nice leisure club). Also Manor House at Newlands Corner (but I have never been so can't comment) or a couple of small hotels - The Mandolay top end of town near London road or Angel Posting House in the centre - but can't comment on these either. Pub Wise Drummond Arms in Albury was popular - and has a private room and some overnight rooms.

poppysocks Tue 12-Aug-08 19:45:26

This is exactly what we did - wedding abroad and party in Guildford. Ours was informal and during the day so what worked for us might not for you, but this is where we had ours:

It wasn't too expensive and being council run was good on parking, disabled access, kitchen facilities etc. It officially holds about 80, but we had more than that and it was fine. Equally, would have felt fine with fewer than 80.

surreylady Tue 12-Aug-08 19:54:17

Have been to a do at Burchetts too - it is nice too.

poppysocks Tue 12-Aug-08 20:02:48

One other thing to add about Burchatt's, which really worked for us is that you can bring your own food and drink. Saved us a fortune getting stuff from Waitrose, rather than getting a caterer in.

WindUpBird Wed 13-Aug-08 12:44:57

I got married at Gford reg office 3 years ago and had the reception here Website doesn't do it justice tbh
It's a couple of miles out of Guildford in Worplesdon. It was fab, just the right size for 40 or so guests (I think you can have more if you'd like a marquee in the garden) and it has about 15 bedrooms so most guests can stay if necessary. It literally felt like having a party at our own house rather than a faceless corporate 'wedding venue'. We had complete control over everything, but in a way that we didn't have to worry about it iyswim. Food and wines were excellent and they ran an honesty bar so most people stayed up till the wee hours. Fantastic breakfasts the next day too. Driving past the other day I see it's recently changed ownership, now called the Asperion Hillside or something but I really would go and have a look at it if it's the right size for you. The chap that owned it when we were there was called Oliver and he was also the chef, guess he might not be there now if it has changed hands.
We also looked at Burchatts Farm Barn and also loved it, but chose Hillside as we didn't want the bother of getting food and clearing up etc.

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