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Advice needed re DS2's 5th Birthday Party

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PinkButterfly Mon 11-Aug-08 16:12:09

We have had a pretty awful past year and DS's party last year was kinda thrown together at the last minute so we decided this year we would give him a really good one. Whole pirate theme going on, kids are dressing up, 3D pirate ship cake, having it on a ship and have hired Pirate Pete to entertain for two hours. All costing a pretty penny. We have 30 kids coming, 15 of whom are from nursery/school. It's all looking great and DS is v excited. Have just noticed on a wee leaflet that I hadn't even looked at that only 10 adults are allowed as part of the party and I am to pay £5 for each additional adult who is there. Given the ages of the children it's likely that each child will want at least one parent there and this could actually add another £100 to the cost of the party. Do I just accept that I need to pay this in order for DS to have such a party or is there a way I can limit the number of parents who stay without seeming rude and penny pinching (which I am honestly not)? All advice greatly appreciated.

cea Mon 11-Aug-08 16:34:00

Sounds like a great party...
E mail parents and offer the chance of drop off and pick up..some will happily seize the opportunity of 2 hours off. My 3 year old had 2 " drop off" parties already and thought he was very grown up for going alone. Or ask Nursery school parents to double one parent for 2 or 3 children...that will keep adult numbers down and I presume you already know them from drop off and pick up time

You will need spare adults (to guard doors, show where loos are etc )if you do have unaccompanied children tho.

PinkButterfly Mon 11-Aug-08 16:52:22

Yeah thanks cea, myself and my husband will be there with several of our friends accompanying their children so plenty of helping hands. Although Pirate Pete promises to keep them all in check so we can sit back and enjoy it!!!

Clary Thu 14-Aug-08 00:30:44

Most people drop and run from 5yo IME so you may well be OK.

Why not have a quick straw poll among parents (you don't have to say why - or could say it's so you can cater with drinks etc)?

ThatBigGermanPrison Thu 14-Aug-08 00:42:39

I would only stay with my five ye4ar old if I thought the hosts couldn't cope. My 5 year old is particularly hard work at times. Most parents of 5 year olds will just drop and run. Encourage this, as some may stay out of misplaced belief that you want them to.

PinkButterfly Thu 14-Aug-08 08:46:34

All the nursery parents, bar one, stayed for his party last year and one mum and dad had their other two children with them who I ended up feeding and giving out party bags too!!! That was ok because I wasn't limited for numbers and there was plenty food and cake. Just hope they don't take that as the standard. Yes, will chat generally with each parent I think and just encourage them that they don't need to stay due to space / numbers or something.

Thanks all.


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