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Where can I buy cheap party stuff for my DD's party?

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used2bthin Sun 03-Aug-08 22:28:31

Its not till September but having just looked at my bank statement, I am panicking. Its in a hall so I need to decorate it, get/make a cake, get invites and possibly party bags or something to send the guests home with. DD is going to be two and I swore I wouldn't do the big party thing this year but here I am oh well...I had visions of Urchin style everything but need much much cheaper than that as haven't got the money.

SlothyMcFrothy Sun 03-Aug-08 23:18:00

Yellowmoon have some nice partybag stuff cheaply online
How about Poundland or Tesco for party decorations etc
Balloons are v cheap and get making paperchains
Party invites Poundlamd or make your own

Skribble Sun 03-Aug-08 23:30:42

Poundland, tescos and all that do multiple packs of fancy , pens, erasers and notebooks which are great for making up party bags. Add a sweet from a bag of mini sweet packs and your sorted, don't bother with a balloon or plastic whistle.

used2bthin Mon 04-Aug-08 08:36:11

Thanks SlothyMcFrothy and Skribble. No poundland here but I'll look at Tescos and Yellowmoon. Was thinking of making our own invites but thought that may work out more expensive? Only as I haven't got any arty stuff here really other than DD's crayons etc so would have to start from scrath. I found a site which makes the whole party bag for you the cheapest they had was £1.80 per bag and it included bits suitable for toddlers, do you think that would be cheaper than buying it all seperately and making it? It seemed a lot when I think I may need 15+ of them but maybe I am fooling myself? Or could I give each child something else instead of a party bag? Balloon and...cheapy little book? Does everyone do party bags? They will mostly be two ish so won't expect it but I did have a few older ones last year one of whom asked where her party bag was at the end (it hadn't occured to me to do them for a one year old/naming party.)

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