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Party games for 6 x 6yr old boys

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mogs0 Tue 29-Jul-08 18:17:11

Ds is having a very small gathering for his birthday and we were trying to come up with some games. I've got some plates for them to paint to start with but wanted to do a couple of straightforward games. I think they might be a bit too cool for pass the parcel sad !! and I'm not that keen on musical statues/bumps/chairs.

I was also thinking they could make their own pizza's for tea but not sure if there'll be enough time as I'll have to "cook" their painted plates in my very small oven!!

babylovemybabylove Tue 29-Jul-08 18:18:43

Couldn't you give the plates to parents when they pick up the kids with instructions on how to bake the plates themselves, at home after?

Then do pizzas as that sounds fun!

mogs0 Tue 29-Jul-08 18:27:18

Yes, I suppose so. Pizza making does sound fun doesn't it, though I'm not sure my kitchen would survive after half a dozen 6 yr olds have been let loose in it!!

babylovemybabylove Tue 29-Jul-08 18:55:42

Couldn't you lay a table outside if its sunny, with bowls of cheese, ham, tom sauce etc ...

then they do it all out side and you can take it in the kitchen yourself, no kids allowed in there because of 'hot oven' wink

maidamess Tue 29-Jul-08 19:05:49

Whatabout the Malteser game?

You need:

A plate of Maltesers
A dice
A knife and fork
Some big gloves, a hat , scarf etc

They all sit in a ring with all the stuff in the middle. They each roll the dice taking it in turns. if someone rolls a 6 they put on gloves, hat etc and start to eat the maltesers with the fork. All the while the rest of the boys are rolling the dice. if someone else gets a six, they have at turn, so the first boy has to remove all items.

Uts really funny and frantic watching them try to cram maltesers into their mouth with a fork grin

mogs0 Tue 29-Jul-08 20:17:27

Pizza in the garden sounds like a good plan!

I love the Malteser game!!! Mini-mogs is going to love it too!!!!!!! But do I have to share the maltesers?!!!!! wink

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