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Planned a BBQ for dd1's birthday but now we're forcast rain, help!

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LoveMyGirls Tue 29-Jul-08 07:18:15

We've invited about 30 people and our house is tiny, obviously we'll just cook the food inside but what are we going to do about the lack of space?

claudiaschiffer Tue 29-Jul-08 07:22:47

When is the party due to happen?

claudiaschiffer Tue 29-Jul-08 07:32:51

I mean, do you have time to ask a kindly mansion-owning friend if they can host . . . or arrange some kind of tent/awning for the garden . . . or un-invite 20 people??

LoveMyGirls Tue 29-Jul-08 07:59:29

Lol at asking to borrow someones mansion!
Can't un-invite people really.
Party is on saturday!

claudiaschiffer Tue 29-Jul-08 08:12:38

Gosh, is the forecast really bad? Can you go to a play centre or something - swimming baths?

Or maybe hand out umbrellas and wellies and just get on with it?

Sorry not much help.

janmoomoo Tue 29-Jul-08 12:59:06

English weather is great isnt it?!!?

Maybe you could get/borrow some gazebos which are OK if its not absolutely slashing down. Put one up right outside the backdoor if you can.

You will still have a great time.

stitch Wed 30-Jul-08 19:07:13

gazebo, and raincotas

LoveMyGirls Wed 30-Jul-08 19:41:40

I've been and brought a gazebo today so theres at least enough shelter for the bbq and a few people sitting on deck chairs so at least the chef has some company! grin We could oven cook if it's lashing down but apparently it's not as bad as I'd feared, we'll only get one shower and it will be 20 degrees so that's something

claudiaschiffer Thu 31-Jul-08 02:07:50

Hurrah! It sounds like the party will be great. This is exactly the kind of thing that makes us Brits fab - resilience in the face of shitty weather grin.

myermay Fri 01-Aug-08 21:28:40

I feel your panic lovemygirls! i'm having my wedding bbq in my back garden tomorrow and am also fretting. We've gone and borrowed gazebos and a party tent, so hopefully that'll be enough. Wilkinson and B&Q have party tents for about £40

FIngers crossed for both of us, have fun

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