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how much would you spend on your bf's birthday

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Mercedes Wed 16-Jul-08 22:14:05

my bf is going to be 50 soon, She wants vouchers so she can go out and splurge. What is a reasonable amount? I'm not being mean I just never know how much to give when its money or vouchers?

MaureenMLove Wed 16-Jul-08 22:29:16

How much have you spent on each other in the past?

Mercedes Wed 16-Jul-08 22:39:36

i spent about £30-35 at xmas if that's helpful

Mercedes Wed 16-Jul-08 22:39:38

i spent about £30-35 at xmas if that's helpful

Ewe Wed 16-Jul-08 22:44:20

For a big birthday I would spend £50 providing I could afford it that month!

Flum Wed 16-Jul-08 22:46:07

Ooh I am clearly mean, I usually forget but if I remember I get her a CD or a book or some nice make-up or jewellery. £10-£20 max

Mercedes Wed 16-Jul-08 22:48:39

i have a very small family to buy for and she's closer to me than my sister so i don't mind spending more

lilolilmanchester Wed 16-Jul-08 22:53:22

I'd agree £50 in this case given it's her 50th birthday and I'd expect you'd want to spend more than on a gift any other time.

Flum, you're not mean at all. But Mercedes already spends £30 - £35 at Christmas so doesn't seem stretching it too far for her to spend £50 for 50th.

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