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Ideas for party games prizes

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wools Sat 12-Jul-08 20:05:28

Just wondered what other mums are giving out as prizes. It's a joint party for 2 little boys who will be five. Most of the children there will be the same age...some will be a bit younger.

wools Sat 12-Jul-08 20:06:33

Sorry should have said we do have an entertainer booked so no idea what games she has planned for them.

wools Sun 13-Jul-08 07:59:22


melpomene Sun 13-Jul-08 20:19:11

Something fairly small. colouring book? sticker book? (not sure if boys are into stickers) handheld bubble blower? ball? model car or dinosaur?

wools Mon 14-Jul-08 06:46:08

Thanks. That gives me an idea roughly what to spend....all good ideas.

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