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Anyone else been to an 'Ocean Adventure' party at MaccyD's?

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lovecat Fri 11-Jul-08 19:42:49

DD (3.5) has been invited to one tomorrow. With my usual slackness I only really looked at the invite this afternoon and have seen that the children are encouraged to dress up for the occasion. Spoke to the mum organising and her DD will be wearing her mermaid costume.

As I mentioned on chocolatespider's thread (but have started this one rather than hijack) I have suggested to DD that a pirate would be fun (and a lot less aggro in terms of getting a costume together as I can borrow the sword etc from her boy cousins), but thought I would ask if other MNers have experienced this particular type of party and if a pirate would be the done thing - or do I go for the fishy option?

The McD's it's being held at has an indoor softplay area for party purposes, so I would rather she went as a pirate (mermaid tail being a bit restrictive!)...any other suggestions that would allow her freedom of movement? My mind's gone blank!

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