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party gift - not party bag ideas for 3-7 yr olds

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honeypot01 Sat 05-Jul-08 07:51:16


my son is going to be 7 and wanted to give something diff ratyher than the tat party bags, anyone any ideas,

thought of named gingerbread men/ladies and craft packs.

Any u ladies ideas please for 3-7 yr olds

thank you

ChanJackieTylerNo Sat 05-Jul-08 08:05:40

Love the idea of named gingerbread men/ladies (but possibly a lot of work!). You can buy packs of books from The Book People and split them up, so each one gets a book. Other ideas I've seen on here are a plant pot with seeds (maybe they could decorate it at the party, or plant it at the party?). Like the craft idea too - Baker Ross is good for stuff like that.

gillybean2 Sat 05-Jul-08 08:21:48 do some great hand puppet kits. They come in individual bags with everything you need including the plastic needle.

They have several kits including jungle and farm animals. Just put 'hand puppet' in the search box

Or the other fun kit they do is the spider one.

You can get the same kits at baker ross but you have to order bigger quantities to get the free delivery there. So depending on how many you want it can be worth checking out both sites.


BobbyGrantycal Sat 05-Jul-08 08:22:36

go to book people website - you cabn order sets ofg books for silly money

MorocconOil Sat 05-Jul-08 08:29:47

At DS age 8's last party we gave out velvet pouches with fossils and crystals in them. The children loved them. I got them from JuniorGeo. It was so liberating not to buy lots of plastic tat, then see it all being discarded.

honeypot01 Sat 05-Jul-08 22:37:57

thanks girls thats helped a lot - thank you - why are parties such hard work!!!

FairyMum Sat 05-Jul-08 22:40:07

My children love plastic tat.

mrspink27 Sat 05-Jul-08 22:43:16

This year for DD1 (6) we gave a packet of seeds, a plant pot with stickers to decorate it and a bag of soil.

twinsetandpearls Sat 05-Jul-08 22:45:53

book from book people

twinksprite Wed 09-Jul-08 21:17:36

ds 4th birthday we gave all the guests a drinks bottle and put a few sweets inside went down realy well and much cheaper than the plastic tat(it realy was) try ebay for small job lots

MrsOnTheMove Wed 09-Jul-08 21:29:49

As others have said - buy pack of books and split, but go to 'Red House Books' they are part of the The Book People, but only sell children's books and P+P is free!

Sazisi Wed 09-Jul-08 22:47:50

DD1 had her party last week (a month early because it was the start of the holidays here, and she wanted to make sure her schoolfriends could all come this year)
I'm so sick of doing party bags (also they are sooo expensive to do, and she had invited entire class plus all her other friends and told them all to feel free to bring siblings shock) , so I asked DD if it was okay by her to do something different this year, and I made each guest a cookie with their name iced onto it.
I loved making them, and not one of the kids asked for a party bag

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