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What to buy a 9 year old girl for her

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detoxdiva Tue 17-Jun-08 17:49:57

My dd is 3 so I'm a little out of touch with anything that isn't Night Gargen or Tweenies grin

Suggestions please!

detoxdiva Tue 17-Jun-08 17:50:55

Night gargen??? Garden blush

BellaLasagne Tue 17-Jun-08 17:58:00

High School Musical or Hannah Montana anything. There's tons and tons of stuff around.

(My DD is 9)

claricebeansmum Tue 17-Jun-08 17:59:11

Kits by Klutz - they do friendship bracelets, stained glass etc Found inall good toy shops

Dotsie Tue 17-Jun-08 18:01:25

my dd is 10, but loathes high school musical & hannah montanna dr who? is she a bookworm? might be worth contacting the mum for ideas! good luck

skeletonbones Tue 17-Jun-08 18:08:33

something crafty,
some kind of (cheap and cheerfull) jewelery, funky beads ect.
bath stuff also a possibility, bath bombs, little set of showergels or whatever.
book token or HMV or the like voucher.
hair stuff, bobbles slides ect.
My 8 year old hates high school musical and hannah montanah too BTW, but she is in the minority in her class with this!

MamaG Tue 17-Jun-08 18:09:16

I'd ask the Mum. 9 year old girls vary wildly

Champ101 Wed 19-Mar-14 19:22:12

i introduced My DD (9) to Pintrest. Its an online pin board where you can surf the net a if you see something you like, you can press the pin it button and it will automatically send it to the pin board of your choice.

- sorry if this is a bad suggestion

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