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your top 3 party games for 5 year old indoor party please

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TuTu Fri 06-Jun-08 22:57:57

having panic that only games i remember are pin tail on donkey and pass the parcel (which I hated as a child). What are your top 3 party games for 5 yr old party (boys). Thanks

TuTu Fri 06-Jun-08 23:08:19


TuTu Sat 07-Jun-08 20:21:31

Cant find cd player so cant even do pass the parcel now! From searching previous posts the lucky dip idea sounds good, but any other tried and tested suggestions appreciated

newgirl Sat 07-Jun-08 22:08:31

whats the time mr wolf - no music needed!

that one when they sit in a circle and chase each other round - cant remember what its called or how its played but a 5 year old might know!

TuTu Sat 07-Jun-08 22:50:19

thanks. Didnt even know the Mr Wolf one, but googled it and it does look simple and fun.
I have another question as well.... do we open the presents as received or gratefully accept and put in corner of room to open either at end or to bring home with us?

ellceeell Sat 07-Jun-08 23:08:48

sleeping lions?

Or can you get some bubble wrap with the large bubbles? we did them walking on it one at a time trying to pop as few as possible, then stommping as hard as they could. We didn't bother with a prize - they just enjoyed the bubble bursting!

snice Sat 07-Jun-08 23:10:38

The running round in a circle one is called Duck Duck Goose

snice Sat 07-Jun-08 23:12:05

You could do the passing an orange under the chin game in two teams

TuTu Sat 07-Jun-08 23:13:47

Will now search garage for bubble wrap as that sounds fun for me let alone children! Thanks for the other new games as well - these are all new to me (obviously didnt get out much as a child!)

saggyhairyarse Sun 08-Jun-08 06:45:10

Tie party ring biscuits to the washing line at just reachable height for them to eat with their hands behind their backs.

I am one for opening the presents after the party ;)

JammyQueenOfTheSewers Sun 08-Jun-08 06:58:17

We used to play a game wher all children sat in a circle, but leaving a gap in the circle so it didn't close up. We were all allocated the name of a fish, there might be 3 or 4 types eg cod, haddock, herring. The grown up in charge would then call haddock swim for example, and all the haddock would exit through the gap in the circle and run round and round the outside. Other instructions would be haddock home and all the haddock would have to go back tp their seats, fishies swim, and all children would run, and tide turn, when everyone running changed direction. I don't remember any winners or anything, I think the point was just to wear us out!

Also, Farmers in his den, grunt piggy grunt, and one we played called twilight, wher the lid of a big round tin would be spun in the middle of a circle of children. Each child had a number and when the lid was spun a number was called. That child then had to grab the lid before it fell. If they failed they were given a forfeit (eg sing a song) They then spun the lid and called put another number and so it continued.

Leslaki Sun 08-Jun-08 15:16:05

open presents later.

You could get them to see who is first to butrst a balloon by sitting on it - can only use their bottom - always raises a laugh! Can also put a strip of card round their head with some doubled over sellotape on it and in teams have to see which ream can pick up the most balloons using the sellotape - all end up with a balloon stuck to their foreheads - keeps them hapy!
Personally I love sleeping lions!!!!

treasure hunt? I made cards with the number 3 on them for dd's party and hid them - they all got a bag of sweets for finding a card but the prize went to the one who found the 3 in red not pink like the others.

SquiffyHock Sun 08-Jun-08 15:24:31

Def open presents later or you'll never keep track of who gave what for thank-you letters.

Musical bumps or musical chairs?

Always end with Sleeping lions!!

newgirl Sun 08-Jun-08 19:14:43

thats it duck duck goose!

sleeping lions is great i remember that

weve got one on sat so im going to order the party rings!

TuTu Sun 08-Jun-08 22:27:44

Thanks for all the replies. Took the good advice and brought presents home, and even then it was tricky to keep track as presents being ripped open at 100mph !
Party went great, but actual food part took twice as long as I thought, and then treasure chest lucky dip which went down great also took longer. They then spent 20 mins playing in the chest and wheeling each other round and sitting on balloons. And then parents came to collect. Could not believe how quick it all went, and didnt get time for all the great party games. But at least all went well and I'll know better for next yr ! Thanks.

qsack Fri 18-Jul-08 16:06:35

have 5yr old party on sat. love all the idea's but how do you play sleeping lions?

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