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Parties for 2 year old

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Jezebel Mon 17-Jan-05 23:22:39

My little girl is coming up 2. She knows lots of others with birthdays around the same time. I fell a lot of pressure to have a party on her birthday. Not from her you understand, from myself. Triouble is all relatives live far away and all babies of same age have birthdays at same time. It would either be a massive do or a tiny one. yes, we could have a joint party but tht would not just be for her (my internal pressure). Should I ignore the internal pressure and just have fun that day in the knoeldge that later on she will have genuine friends and I will know who to invite?

Other question: what do you do fora 2 year old party? bouncy castles and ball pools, party food and pass the parcel have already been done.
Gratful for any thoughts.

kinderbob Tue 18-Jan-05 05:53:58

Hi Jezabel, my ds is 2 in Feb and we are having a party but only because my parents are coming over from the UK and my brother and his girlfriend are also making the trip. The party is much more about the whole family (well my whole family anyway) being together for the first time in 18 months than a 2 year olds birthday.

I don't understand what you mean when you say that bouncy castles etc. have been done. If you mean other people are doing them, then what is the problem with you doing it too?

I am having a pre school music lady come and sing and dance with the children, but that is largely because as my ds is allergic to latex (and most party food!) so we can't do a lot of normal party stuff. I would love a bouncy castle, but we would wind up in hospital in 5 minutes flat.

A question for the other people who read this thread. Would you understand this request on an invite? "Allergy alert: Please do not bring any food or balloons, everything will be provided". And is it serious enough without being offensive?

ghosty Tue 18-Jan-05 06:20:07

Kinderbob ... I don't think your allergy alert would be offensive at all ... probably most of your friends know about Bob's allergies???
I for one would not be offended at all.
In fact, as a veteran of 5 birthday parties now I don't think anyone has ever brought their own balloons or food.
Phone call, will come back to your post jezebel ...

teabelly Tue 18-Jan-05 09:32:46

Jez my ds was 2 last june, and I don't know about your dd but most of those that came to ds's party just wanted to run around and generally play. You're going to have sooo much pressure to do 'party' things when she's older, so I'd just have an informal party (no structured games etc) whilst you can . So what if you or others had bouncy castles and ball pools love them no matter how many times they crop up. Don't beat yourself up over it, have a fun day even if it's just your immediate family - your dd will still enjoy the attention (and presents and cake!) she gets from 3 people as much as from 30.

Kinderbob - as Ghosty says most will probably already know about the allergy; your alert is definitely not offensive and I too have never had anyone bring anything along to a party for my ds or nieces

Bozza Tue 18-Jan-05 09:38:38

Jezebel - she's too young for pass the parcel really, but see no problems with the other options - ball pool, party food, bouncy castle. Do what you would like to do and what your DD would enjoy. Does she like physical activity? Or would she prefer some entertainment?

Kinderbob - your invitation sounds fine to me. Just one point - will you be having any babies going who might require weaning food? I would never take anything to a party for DS(3.11) because it will just cause arguments with the other kids but DD who is 8 months will quite often need a meal whilst at the party (we do seem to go to quite a lot).

kinderbob Tue 18-Jan-05 17:52:04

Obviously "bring a plate" is a Christchurch thing!

No, there will be no babies younger than 20 months, so everyone could theoretically eat our food. At least all the kids should be worn out and not hyped up afterwards with no juice or food colouring! Lots of sugar though.

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