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DS had a BRILLIANT entertainer for his party......

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AlisonD1 Sat 19-Apr-08 21:13:53

We had Gilbert Giggles as the party entertainer and I cannot recommend him highly enough. He had all the kids (and the parents who stayed behind) in fits of laughter. His strapline is 'master of disaster and highly skilled delusionist' and I cannot think of a better way to describe him.

His website is

He is based in South East London but does travel with request. A word of warning though, he gets booked up quite far in advance.....

Hope this is helpful for someone.

marina Sat 19-Apr-08 21:15:19

He has an established fan base here already Alison wink - we were discussing how genuinely good and personable he is, just the other day
We just squeaked in for July shock

bumpbumpbump Fri 25-Apr-08 16:11:01

Can I ask how much he charges???

NoNickname Mon 15-Sep-08 20:09:10

Bumping this as am interested in how much he costs. Anyone had him for 4 and 5 year olds?

NoNickname Mon 22-Sep-08 12:05:33


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