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Fluffy animals party in North West?

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chicaguapa Mon 24-Mar-08 10:24:58

DD went to a party last year that had spiders, snakes etc. She wants to have a party like that this year but instead of creepy crawlies she wants fluffy animals (!). We are in north Manchester and wondered if anyone knew of anywhere that would bring a selection to the house for all the girls to pet etc.?

Disenchanted Mon 24-Mar-08 10:30:05

How about taking them to a farm? Theres a good one near Manchester, my uncle takes my cousin there, will look up the name as Ive forgotten!

Or take them to Wythenshaw park? They have animals there, pigs, goats, sheep horses ect. Then they can play in the park too, have an ice-cream ect.

ilovemyskunks Tue 22-Jan-13 00:24:52

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