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Who can find me a big house I can hire for my anniversary bash?

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flowerybeanbag Wed 16-Jan-08 21:23:06

DH and I are planning a weekend away for our 10th anniversary, I would like a castle or big house of some kind where we can have, say, 30ish people for the weekend, including posh dinner and dancing.

Any ideas?


mosschops30 Wed 16-Jan-08 21:27:24

not sure if this is the sort of thing youre looking for but i had my wedding here we had the whole house and all the rooms and it was fantastic.
It wont sleep 30 I dont think but there are other hotels nearby you could just use their rooms for close family which we did for the wedding.

The views are spectacular and the service is like no other I have ever experienced. The proprietor Richard is very good at making you feel like the only person in the world and it has none of that corporate nonsense about it (which I hate)

flowerybeanbag Wed 16-Jan-08 21:37:58

Ooh that's the sort of thing yes, sounds good mosschops!

gladbag Wed 16-Jan-08 21:42:57

This website would be a good place to start....
Last year my dad hired the fantastic old statlely home type place in Devon for his 70th birthday bash. Really lovely, in a slighty shabby but glorious way. That definitely slept at around 30. Huge galleried ballroom for eating etc. We got local caterers in for the food and it was great. But can I remember where it was, or what it was called hmm No. But will think on...

Where abouts are you thinking, vaguely?

Karen999 Wed 16-Jan-08 21:46:12

Flowery - if you fancy somewhere in Scotland I can help you out!!!x

gladbag Wed 16-Jan-08 21:50:17

Buckland House, found it. Says it only sleeps 26, but we squeezed in a few more.

MarsLady Wed 16-Jan-08 22:28:02

mossy!!!!!!!!!!!! [stern look]

flowerybeanbag Wed 16-Jan-08 22:35:20

Thanks gladbag, Buckland looks good, and will hvae a look at the rest of the website as well.

Hi Karen -Scotland would be lovely but v far to drag everyone, but thanks for offer!

Not too fussy about where, fairly central England probably, but open to anywhere as long as fairly easy to get to.

Jilly10098 Mon 06-Jul-09 22:36:49

Message withdrawn

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